Nitish to attend a performance in Nagaland on the anniversary of the start of JP

Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, will travel to Nagaland on 11 October to take part in a program to mark the anniversary of the initiation of socialist Jaiprakash Narayan.

Rajiv Ranjan Singh aka Lalan Singh, Chairman of Janata Dal United, to which Kumar belongs, confirmed that the Prime Minister is scheduled to go to.

JD-U sources reported that Kumar will go to the state to attend All Nagaland Bihari Conference (ALBC) scheduled for that day in Dimapur Advanced Sports District (DDSC) activities, the primary conference organized by Nagaland Bihari Samaj and Bihari Kalyan Samiti and Matri Basis, Nagaland, to commemorate the 120 initiation anniversary of Jayprakash Narayan.

The JD-U leaders familiar with the tour plan stated that the conference is being organized to also acknowledge the contribution of the Bihar indigenous people to the political and financial sphere of Nagaland at all the reason why the days of JP, who have arrived here in the best way From Bihar to work for peace in Nagaland. To meet a counsellor any political meeting, including that he can return t the same day itself.

Meanwhile, Singh attacked political strategist Prashant Kishore Jan Suraj Phadiatra, who started in Bihar from Sunday. “He was involved in the agenda of the BJP,” he stated.

“How many days has Prashant Kishore lived in Bihar in the last thirty years? Whoever stays in Bihar will see how much improvement has happened. Even a young child within the state is aware of the adjustments and improvements that have gone into the condition.”

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