Odisha Police will take custody of Bihar Financial Corporation Pune for cyber fraud Rs 100 crore

Cuttack: Bihar Police’s Financial Crimes Wing (EOW) has uncovered pan-India internet scams amounting to Rs 100 crore using arrest of An employee of Baroda Financial Corporation not so long ago. Rs 1.58 crore scams in Odisha.

According to Electronic Police Inspector Cuttack Chandrika Swain, EOW of Bihar Police discovered photocopies of a number of checks made by the Baroda financial institution branches in Subarnapur, Jagatsingpur and Cuttack to their prospects from Singh's cell phone throughout the examination Criminal machine. “During the interrogation, we have come here to learn about Singh’s involvement in internet scams worth Rs 1.58 crore in Odisha. In addition, we have come here to learn about the modus operandi of the racket for the commission of crime. Singh was working as a businessman in a division of Baroda Financial Corporation during The last four years He has been in contact with cybercriminals since the last two years Swain certainly mentioned that a member of the Singh family, closed to his in-laws, shot him at the racket.

Singh used to collect details of financial institutions for Baroda accounts with deposits over Rs 1 crore and transmit the data to the racket. “Singh was collecting details of financial institutions accounts with numbers,” said Swain. phones and photocopies of checks from Baroda Financial Corporation's computer systems until closing time.”

Cybercriminals have been accustomed to organizing checkbooks for many financial institutions' accounts by using photocopies of the originals. Swain explained that they will obtain new SIM cards for the phone numbers collected from the accounts of financial institutions by submitting official papers to the operators. Telecommunications.

“After collecting the new SIM cards, the cybercriminals were able to withdraw cash from the accounts of the financial institution by means of fake checks.” Government engineer at Cuttack Nua Bazar department of Baroda financial institution on June 2 in 12 months. They threw the signature of the government engineer to withdraw the money.

“Cybercriminals have fraudulently withdrew the round 46 rupees from the official current account of the Assistant Director of Handlooms Department in Jagatsinghpur and 70.42 lakh from the account of Subarnapur Mahavidyalaya. Our officers are investigating the frauds and steps are being taken To search for the involvement of some other individuals in the crime.”


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