Odisha welfare crew to tour Bihar to investigate drug pretense

Bhubaneswar: A crew of welfare officers will quickly go to Bihar to analyze the sale and provision of BP-Telma-40 and Telma AM- medicine in Cuttack.

The Welfare Department of Odisha has set up a two-member crew comprising Tushar Ranjan Banigrahi, the assistant medical controller and Dharmadev Pohan, the assistant medical controller and asked him to go to Bihar for details of the respective pharmaceutical company Manufactures lifesaving pseudo-pharmaceuticals.

Odisha authorities, who asked Bihar Welkong department to provide details regarding counterfeit medicines, but to get no response. The federal government appealed to the neighboring country to increase all aspects of cooperation to expedite the course of the investigation.

BP medicine- Telma 40 Pill, Batch No. 1811055, DIM- Mar-22, D/E-Feb/25, under license number Mfg- MNB/05/182a by Glenmark Prescription Limited, At- Village- Kishanapura, Baddi, Dist- SoIan (HP) Discovered It is fake.

Equally, Telma AM pill, Batch No. 18220083, Mfg Dt. February 2022, Exp Dt. Jan, 2025, Claimed to be Mfg by – MIs Glenmark Prescription Ltd., Samlik Marchak, Industrial Development Center, East Sikkim-737135 was additionally discovered as a fake.

The Criminal Procedure Code is presented inside a courtroom in Orissa in search of a CBI investigation into the counterfeit drug trade.

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