Officers sounded an alarm because TN records 18 rabies deaths in 8 months in 2022

“The danger of stray dogs may be very much out there in our city as well as it reveals a complete failure on the part of the company authorities to address the problem. Stray dogs are generally observed in Vepery and Choolai, the abandoned place of pet owners who They visit Madras Veterinary School. In addition, this reveals that the animal management contraceptive program should not be applied successfully in Chennai,” says De Surindar, a resident of Cholay. Appropriate care and care must be taken to ensure that it does not infringe on the rights of others or cause any harm, hindrance, harassment or inconvenience to different persons or members of the community. Only some dogs develop aggression, and people are predisposed to it. And inhuman orders opposed to dogs cannot be accepted. “They need to consider their future and the way they can survive in this community,” says M Balakrishnan, an animal activist. To the fake experiences that may be circulating in the media, particularly in Kerala regarding the oral commentary of the Supreme Court table on the difficulty of dogs on the road in Kerala.

“Recently in Salem, a bus driver belonging to the authorities fell from the vehicle and died after the thrust force used sudden braking to get away from dogs crossing the street. A number of fatal street accidents have been attributed to dogs,” admits a Mada member Life in the Madras SPCA, noting that state authorities lack an in-state movement plan to reduce this risk.

” There must be a scientifically managed population of dogs and dogs. Dogs with rabies and viral infections must be killed. Healthy puppies and dogs must be transported to an adoption center or home. Then dog lovers suggest that a program be addressed Widespread contraception is a problem.In addition, stray dogs pose a threat to wildlife by spreading viral infection.Jackal, tiger, wild dogs, lion and tiger are also susceptible to rabies and rabies which may be spread from stray dogs ',” says Oak Brenda, conservation scientist, Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation, Teruchi.

“Feeding stray dogs has developed into a dangerous proposition in the current state of affairs. My neighbors have faced an attack from the dogs they were feeding day in and day out and have been treated. It is rather dangerous because most stray dogs are not tamed Or their skill compared to pets. Because dogs are sometimes revealed to fight with different dogs, they lose their pleasing traits and in some cases even chew on the ones they feed.

Can For the federal government to identify stray dogs from the streets and develop a dog yard to keep them until they are tamed or skilled. Control of stray dogs is essential to avoid wasting youngsters from dog bites.” Dog vaccination. We are afraid of sending the little ones out alone as a result of dogs chasing them. Once we feed them, the dogs act aggressively,” says Ananthanan, a resident of Tambaram.

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