Old video from Bihar wrongly shared as BJP members beating a man in UP


BOOM performed a reverse image search on one of the many video keyframes. It led us to informative tales from Kaimur in Bihar state of a couple of legal murders and espoused violence. Based on an article in Jagran published on October 2, 2019, two criminals – Shahid Rain and Madhav Singh – are greeted with anxiety in a fight that leads to Rain taking Singh's useless photos in broad daylight. The locals arrested Rayne following the same thing and started beating him. Singh's friend and fellow gang member, Uttam Patel quickly arrives and beats up Rain for killing Singh. Additionally, at that time we reached out to Bhabhua Police who confirmed the incident and identified the viral video as a video of Patel hitting Ryan just minutes after Rayne shot the useless Singh. BOOM exposed the fake of the identical video in 2019 when it went viral with a unique ad.

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