OPS warns against protesting if people's consent for development is not taken

Chennai: Scattered Chairman of AIADMK and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu O. Panneerselvam on Thursday said that the celebration He will launch a fury of opposition to the state authorities if the consent of the individuals to develop a completely new airport in Parandur is not taken.

OPS, Panneerselvam's popularity has also been acknowledged, and stated in a press release that if individuals are not willing to provide their consent for airport development on the dedicated website in Parandur, the mission should be moved to a location Different. In addition, he came out here in opposition to the state authorities about the manner in which the audience was listening during the mission.

It may be famous that Tamil Nadu authorities provided 3.5 cases of market value for land grab in 13 villages near Parandur in Kanchipuram district for airport development.

The Tamil Nadu authorities stated that the land for the airport could be acquired in “public curiosity” under the laws enacted in 2013.

The Federal Government has also provided alternative land near the proposed airport website for those whose land is being acquired. The jobs of the authorities will be offered to the individuals who live in these 13 villages mainly based on their academic qualifications.

The Secretary of State for Persons with Disabilities, E.V. Velu, has additionally stated that the Federal Government will seek advice from MIT-Madras regarding water living within the villages.

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Tamil Nadu authorities suggested A brand new airport cites experiences that the current airport in Minambakkam will not be able to meet the demand by 2029. 4 shortened locations have been listed – Parandur, Padalam, Pannur and Tiruporur.

While Badalam and Tirupurur were dropped because they were near nuclear facilities, Parandur was contemplated because the variety of homes that might be misplaced for the airport development could be less than they were It's in Banner.

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