Organized buyers meet in 2022: CM mentioned – logistical coverage likely to be provided, Tejashwi query

Bihar Buyers Meet 2022 was organized at the General Secretariat of Ministers. In the event, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took aim at the central authorities and stated that work for ethanol had started in 2007 but when it was accepted by the central authorities at the same time, Bihar had benefited from Rs 24,000 crore. He mentioned that we work in all places. Instruct the traders that if there is any problem with your organization, it will not be deleted. The DM, SP of all counties has been instructed that if no one is disturbing any of the business, keep a detailed watch on him. If one thing is caught, take a stern action immediately. Nitish Kumar assured the merchants that it is likely that priority will be given in the authorities' procurement and logistical coverage will likely be provided to Piada in order to give it to the warehouse.

Why Bihar cannot advance in textile industry like Bangladesh – Tejashwi

Deputy Prime Minister Tejashwi Yadav suggested Traders not pay attention to media stories. After the formation of our authorities, the media started to publish the information in one day, which is the return of the Raj forest in Bihar. If you wanted to change into an individual, you would write down the information, right? Some will say that there is a man in the jungle in Bihar and he will turn into a jungle of Raj. Where was Jungle Raj once available? The employee will not be proud. Tchachoy stated that the federal government would work on any good proposal. Many works have been done in Bihar from roads to sewers. mine and so on. Went there because of Jharkhand. Bihar suffers from floods and droughts. He mentioned that our authorities are laying pink carpets in Bihar for merchants. Tchachwi mentioned why Bihar cannot advance in textile industry like Bangladesh!

Financial Institution for Lands in Each District – Sameer Kumar Mahaths

Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhry stated that the entire authorities You sit at your entrance to facilitate merchants. People are hesitant to go back to Bihar, but once there, they don't really feel like coming back from here. Industry Minister Sameer Kumar Mahaseth stated that our authorities are seeking to make 17,000 people work every day as homeowners within two months. Real estate banks are arranged in each district.

Legislation and system should be better – Dr. Rajesh Agarwal

Dr. Rajesh Agrawal, associated with Buyers Micro Mocks, appreciated the coverage of business in Bihar, but additionally demanded higher organization and arrangement within the state. Secretary General Amir Sobhani, Siddhartha DGP A.Okay. Singhal and others. Improvement Commissioner Vivek Kumar Singh stated that land-related reforms had been achieved in Bihar. Who is the right of the land, and who is the Jambandi, can be identified simply. A single level contact is likely to be given to the traders. Rahul Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Jevica, stated that a group of 10,000 women includes 35,000 women in Bihar via Jevica. Energy Department Secretary Sandeep Hans stated that the federal government will make the electric power tariff work interesting.

Buyers will get these facilities in Bihar

Probable Rs 10 Crore subsidy to invest in industries Based on textiles and leather.

Industrial models are likely to get a subsidy of Rs 2 per unit of electric power.

In employment grant, subsidy of 3 to five thousand rupees is likely to be given to each employee. the support.

The Federal Government will reimburse up to 10% of the annual mortgage interest of the financial institution.

Under ethanol coverage, there is a subsidy of Rs 5 crore likely to be given to dealers. )

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