Parking fees installed in movie theaters are too low, says excessive courtroom madrassas

Because state authorities have pegged “extremely low” parking rates of $20 for cars and $10 for two-wheelers in movie theaters, the Madras Courtroom has directed excessive To review the fees after making an allowance for the hourly rates imposed by our civilian bodies.

Judge R. The theater management appealed the authorities' November 30, 2017, order, which set $20 for cars and $10 for a two-wheeler for the full length of a functional film.

The petitioner's counsel informed S. Ravi's decision that courtroom excess in 2010 upheld the validity of Rule 91(b) of the Tamil Nadu Cinemas Regulation Guidelines, 1957, which authorizes state authorities to fix parking rates. As the validity was upheld, the court order directed the federal government to reform the charges after hearing from movie theater owners. Accordingly, the federal government has fixed $20 and ₹10 for cinemas set within company limits and certain municipalities; 15 and 7 rupees in different municipalities and 5 and 3 rupees in town panchayats and village panchayats.

However, the owners of cinemas, in a clarification to the Federal Government on July 14, 2017 set that parking rates at Puratchi Thalaivar MG Ramachandran Central Chennai railway station were $50 per hour for a house Premium parking and 25 rupees per hour for a stranger's house. Similarly, Rs 25 has been collected for parking at Flower Bazaar.

Noting that the airport parking fee was Rs 150 per hour and T Nagar Panagal Park was Rs. 50 for the first two hours, they wished that movie theater rates would be fixed too. Cinema owners affirmed that it is not possible to distinguish between the prices charged by them and the federal government agencies.

And the railway authorities for parking in public places, it was found that installing Rs 20 for a four-wheeler for the full length of the film and Rs 10 for a two-wheeler can be very low,” charges.

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