“People with one bottle of liquor coming from Goa will be shipped under MCOCA,” Minister Shambhoraj Desai says.

Excise Minister Shampuraj Desai has come out here with entirely new dictates that people who bring one bottle of Goa to Maharashtra are likely to be charged under several sections of the Maharashtra Organized Crime Management Act (MCOCA). MCOCA divisions are usually concerned with the circumstances of major crime by a group of criminals.

Desai, who comes from Shinde camp, stated that he directed the districts of Kolhapur and Sindudurg to formulate proposals towards smugglers and forward them to the police for action under MCOCA. In addition, the minister asked the authorities to arrange temporary movable checkpoints linking Goa and Sindurg.

Desai's announcement here came in the wake of the flourishing conditions for the illegal transport of liquor from Goa to Maharashtra. This is regardless of the measures taken by the excise and police departments to curb the illegal transport of alcoholic beverages.

The Minister's announcement was criticized by the opposition conference celebration. The Regular Secretary of State Unit, Sachin Sawant, dug into Desai and asked him if he was familiar with MCOCA's means. ''Will the federal government summon the sections below MCOCA towards vacationers from air? Who is MCOCA supposed to deal with the conditions of organized crime? Are there no different legal guidelines? Did Shinde Fadnavis authorities put a model in Uttar Pradesh into the state? '' Request.

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