Personal company to re-evaluate buildings under appraisal

Chennai: In an effort to implement the suggestions in a ready report to increase personal display income, the Greater Chennai Corporation has decided to nominate personal companies to screen buildings that may be undervalued for property tax and return evaluated.

A Chennai company official said {that} the decision should be delivered at the next board meeting. “There are over 2 lakh buildings within the city that may be undervalued. They pay property tax less than the exact amount of tax. We have now revalued about 50,000 2 lakh buildings using our personal manpower.” The selected personal company will go to all the buildings evaluated below and measure the property. It may be common knowledge that civil architecture below buildings has been assessed using GIS and UAV expertise.

“The company will provide studies of their inspections. Mostly on report basis, property tax should be reviewed,” the official stated.

Personal Offer Income Report is estimated at Rs. 2,800 crore income over the following three years using a number of metrics.

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