Pescafresh knocks down entrances to Mumbai and Pune with 'Contemporary Matlab Reside' marketing campaign

Introducing Pescafresh, D2C Seafood and Meat Model, Revitalizing BTL “Matlab Reside Contemporary”. The brand's new marketing campaign focuses on selling the primary digital market within the seafood and meat category – Pescalive.

Marketing The campaign takes place in Mumbai and Pune and can target more than 50,000 households with the door brand and seven thousand parking plates across the globe. across the two cities. The main focus is on creating visibility, getting people's interest and buying potential customers with a good offer. In the first section of the exercise, the services of Goregaon (E, W), Thane, Andheri (E, W), and Powai are likely to be served. In Pune, the goal areas are Baner, Magarpatta and Koregaon Park. Activation of the BTL model can be carried out on the Internet on community portals in these regions. Facilities across Mumbai, Pune and BTL Logistics plan are designed keeping identical ideas.

Sangram Sawant
Sangram Sawant

“We need to hack customers’ homes with the right messages, but without being too intrusive, that’s why we chose this medium. Primary goal One of this marketing campaign is to highlight the Pescalive platform and talk about the message of the model to the shoppers.The concept of the target market should not only be seen, but to create a model that takes first place in the mind.To date, we now have over 75 downtimes on Pescalive, Which is streamed on our app every day.We are committed to bringing transparency to all our customers and making sure that what they see on our digital platforms is exactly what they are getting, in terms of quality.Using knowledge in the right solution to give attention to a buyer's delight is likely the key to our success. It's like having a store in the lobby of your home,” said Sangram Sawant, founder of Pescafresh.

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