Police personnel injured after villagers attacked Pranpur Police Station, claiming guard death

NEW DELHI : “A group of villagers in Kattihar district attacked seven men in uniform,” a senior Bihar police officer said on Sunday. , with two police officers (SHOs).

On Saturday, a group of villagers attacked the Pranpur Police Station, hours after an alleged detainee was killed, the information company PTI reported.

After 40-year-old Pramod Kumar Singh was found useless inside the police station, the locals went on a rampage and the cars parked in the building crashed. On Friday, he was arrested for possessing bottles of liquor in the dry state of Bihar. Police station.

“All injured law enforcement officials have been admitted to Kattihar County Hospital, where their conditions have been confirmed to be safe. Our groups are camping inside the space while the scenario is completely under-managed,” the supervisor’s appearance Police Daya Shankar is aware, as quoted by PTI.

He claimed the physique was found while law enforcement officials were preparing work papers to hand Singh earlier than the court schedule. Officers injured.

“The scenario may only be presented under management after additional safety personnel have been identified from the nearest police stations as in,” he said.

According to the officer, Shailesh Kumar was among those dispatched from various police stations.

Singh's intent was sent to examine the body and a case was brought in opposition to those who attacked the policemen, he said. ge, transporting, selling, consuming and making alcoholic beverages is an offense punishable by individuals who have violated the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act 2016, which has since been amended in a number of cases.

(with input from PTI)

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