Police seize car theft racket between countries and arrest 7 stolen cars | Mumbai information

Mumbai: An interstate car theft gang was busted and 7 of its members were arrested for allegedly forging papers for broken vehicles to promote it there. Those who stole vehicles, storage personnel who provided the gang with details of the vehicles involved in the accidents, and the boys who installed the papers.

The racket was seized by Goregaon police after a 25-year-old car salesman from Goregaon, lashed out at the police station on September 2, claiming that someone had misused the electronic registration-book and papers Two of his chariots for which e-challans were issued at his address in Pune, although the chariots were in garages in Mumbai for restoration work.

Upon confirmation by Chandan Tiwari, he purchased two Maruti Brezza cars from a public sale held by Future Generali Insurance Firm. Bought the base car with registration quantity MH-05 EA 7787 on December 22, 2021, for 4 lakh and gave it to take back to a mechanic in Jogeshwari. Tiwari said the car was under repairs and was in storage in Jogeshwari at the time of FIR registration.

Tiwari said he bought the second car with a registration amount of MH-43 BN 7400 for 4.21 lakh in July 2022. He gave the second car plus repairs to a mechanic On the Veera Desai Highway in Andheri and got the car back after repairs on August 27, 2022. To check if there are any fines pending for older homeowners' opposition to vehicles, find out my e-challan ticket issued by Pune Visitor Police. One e-challan ticket was issued for the base car, which is still below repairs in a warehouse in Jogeshwari, for parking in a non-parking place in Pune, while a second e-challan was issued for the second vehicle for the rush at Navle Bridge in Pune on 3. August. vehicles. Tiwari additionally stated that Mansouri had misused the vehicle's papers due to the e-challans being issued to vehicles that were under repair in garages in Mumbai.

On September 2, Gurgaon Police registered a violation under Sections 420, 406, 465, 467, 471 and 473 of the Indian Penal Code and a day later arrested Mansoori.

The officers stated that they arrested Al-Mansoori on 3 September, after which he took them to Hussain Khan (39) and Niaz Ansari (27) – both of whom stole vehicles and issued registration certificates and books. Various paperwork for vehicles involved in accidents to replace them with stolen vehicles from completely different elements of the nation.

In addition, the police have arrested the warehousing personnel from Mumbai and different states who used to tell the gang about the damaged cars due to accidents that were thrown at them for repair.

Police seized 5 cars of gang members with Fortuner, Maruti Brezza, Ertiga and at least 57 lakh. “Additional vehicles will be recovered from the gang,” said Dattarai Thupti, Chief Inspector of Police at Gurgaon Police Station.

Two gang members involved in the beatings have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh and are serving prison sentence, according to Thobeti.

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