Prashant Kishore launches online poll on new Bihar powers

PATNA: Political strategist-turned-activist Prashant Kishore on Friday sought suggestions from Twitterati regarding the latest time period in the workplace of a Prime Minister Bihar Nitish Kumar with whom he has had a protracted cooperation.

Kishore launched a web poll on his official Twitter deal, asking customers to vote yes or no, on his question, in Hindi.

August 19, 2022

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This is the sixth experiment (Prayer Prayer) conducted by Nitish Kumar during the last ten years in the direction of forming powers. Do you suppose, this time, that the people of Bihar will benefit? Kishore's request.

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Founding father of IPAC, a political advisory group, who Ditching his previous avatar for a marketing campaign, Jan Suraj, who might directly develop into a political celebration focused on Bihar, was skeptical of the completely new formation that emerged with Kumar abandoning the BJP and becoming a member of the Mahagathbandhan comprising the RJD, Congress and the left.

Kishor, who had held a key position in the former Mahagathbandhan which came into existence in 2015, yet has fallen out of favor for years, has been raising doubts about the durability of the massive alliance of Seven parties. The 2024 Lok Sabha polls, were at risk of collapsing earlier than the election meeting which may be due 12 months later. ) MS Education Academy Provide a link Hyperlink

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