Prashant Kishore searches for “Giant Nita” Nitish because of his promise to work; “Let 12 months pass by…”

Polling strategist Prashant Kishore said Thursday in an apt response to ABC's comment to Nitish Kumar on his political information that while Bihar Chief Minister is a giant and knowledgeable about everything from “A to Z”, the months will make clear The Next 12 Who Understands “XYZ” for Indian Politics. In addition, he took aside Chief JD(U) saying that after serving because Bihar CM for almost 17 years, Kumar suddenly mentioned that 10 lakh jobs may be offered to the youth of the state.

“After being Prime Minister for 17 years, Nitish Kumar now remembers that 10 lakh jobs may be given. He is a giant leader, and he is familiar with everything from “AZ” While others know nothing.Prashant Kishore is quoted by ANI Media as saying: Let 12 months pass, then we will ask who knows “ABC” and who knows “XYZ.”

Additional, Kishore also spoke about the name of unifying the opposition for the Lok Sabha Surveys of 2024, which he leads at the time Current Nitish Kumar.” What’s new about it, how can we think that something new is being finalized by the opposition? I do not suppose that it will convey a drastic change in regards to the 2024 elections.”

Kishore additionally opined on the Chief Minister of Bihar State in Delhi Going on and stating, “I don't suppose there will be an influence on national politics in any way. If one is a congregation in Delhi, this does not mean that one's standing is rising on the national stage. Even Mamata Banerjee and Telangana Chief Minister KCR met many individuals in Delhi. '

'Does ABC know who…': Nitish Kumar hits in Prashant Kishore

Kishore's reactions reached here after Nitish Kumar ridiculed him for not realizing “ABC's Work” ended by JD(U) since 2005. After criticizing the poll strategist for Mahagatbandhan Alliance, Kumar stated, “Prashant Kishore was with me earlier. He didn't hear me and saved on working with completely different events across the country. His remarks don't mean anything to me. Does he even know ABC for work that has ended since 2005?”

Nitish Kumar alleged that his former aide and ex-Vice President of Prashant Kishore had wanted to link Palms with the BPP Janata. He just knows how one can get publicity, and makes statements. He is skilled at this. Kumar added, if someone made that kind of assertion, he would probably wish to be with the BJP.”

Kishore dug into the “Mahagathbandan Alliance”

earlier while doing a unique interview with Jumhuriya TV after Nitish Kumar’s withdrawal of the BJP.NDA powers, the ace polling strategist separated the formation of Mahagatbandan authorities from the political state of affairs for the nation.He said, “This could be a Bihar-centric experiment and not have any impact on the national arena.”

Notably, Prashant Kishor just one month after joining Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) in 2018, he turned into Vice Chairman of the meeting, however he was kicked out of the rally on January 29, 2020, for “counter-actions” for parties.” While the IPAC co-founder has helped in a number of events along with the BJP, AAP, TMC, Congress and JDU win elections in a number of states, he has held the District Ballot Technology for the last 12 months.

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