Privatization efforts at Piers 9, 10 and 11 in the direction of inexperienced goods: MPA


The President of the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA), Venkata Ramana Acarago on Friday said the port has plans Privatization of berths 9, 10 and 11 to emphasize inexperienced cargo and enhance the port's financial well-being.

Acarago also emphasized that the primary thrust of the MPA throughout the time will be to provide additional employment alternatives to the local population.

“Goa was a one-stop shipping port that could handle iron ore, but due to the diversity of insurance policies of the state and central authorities, there were restrictions and we needed to Rely on a different cargo to survive.”

“We have to assume off-field to enhance the financial well-being of Port Goa and have in-pipeline missions characterized by mechanization higher at Piers 9, 10, and 11 to expand effectiveness and reduce Environmental Score.”

” Finally, even as we plan privacy for piers 9, 10, and 11,Our aim can be to offer additional employment alternatives to the local population as a result of the additional infrastructure we have set up and the additional goods we are dealing with,the top will be the alternative to create jobs for the locals.We are also prepared to handle the shipment of iron ore if the mining mines resume within State.”

Acarago emphasized that there is no air pollution scope in coal dealing with items inside the port. There are air pollution management monitoring tools. The feed is given to various parties who can test the readings. 11, of which 10 and 11 are for container shipping and even iron ore can be handled at the outer berth.

” We are in addition to making an attempt to speed up the highway works, after which transportation prices will fall and the items will become strong within the world market and industries will improve, leading to To increase employment alternatives and per capita revenue and boost within the financial system, “Akkaraju.

“As of now, pharmaceutical companies have a direct connection from the JNPT port in Mumbai is where the mother ships come from, while in Goa we have got only feeder container ships capable of going to Mumbai, Kochi or Sri Lanka, which has increased the value of transportation. We do not have the correct facility and only one port crane. “

” We're actually trying to get rid of zero, figuring out the solution, and privatizing berths 10 and 11 for container shipping. Once we have two cranes, we can count on personnel to desire the port of Goa,” said Acarago.

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