PS-1 and Vikram Vedha ticket fees go up as much as Rs 750?

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and actress Aishwarya Rai movies “Vikram Vedha” and “Ponniyan Selvan” will clash in the workplace this week. This is the rationale that makes the producers of each film take very different approaches to making their films a success. On the other hand, the three chains spread across the country plan to keep the ticket value of “Vikram Vedha” and “PS1” overpaid because the movie money, similar to “KGF Chapter 2”. At the same time, seeing the reaction of viewers on National Film Day, producers are emphasizing to keep the ticket low.

In response to the Media reviews, the three major chains nationwide – PVR, Cinepolis and INOX – carry the same ticket prices they stocked on their “Jangpai Kathyawadi” dump. In response to the reviews, officers associated with the three chains scattered across the country argued that if the big-budget films were proven for a ticket fee of Rs 75, cinemas would not be able to meet their bills even after they were 100% occupied.

this It is the rationale why ticket fees in most multiplexes are stored in the range of Rs 200 to Rs 750 during the first week.

In response to media reviews, Mani Ratnam would like to keep the ticket value of Rs 100 for “Ponniyin Selvan 1” to make more from viewers. In this regard, he met the owners of theater roles. However, it is not clear whether the owners of the theater role agreed with his proposal or not.

If the reviews are to be believed, an insider who was involved within the association reported that the theater house owners also agreed with Mani Ratnam. However, all of these things are mentioned by citing media reviews. Until this moment, neither the national chain nor any official data on the producer's side have been revealed.

In response to BookMyShow, tickets for Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan Starr “Vikram Vida” on September 30 are as low as Rs 250 at Cinepolix, Rs 460 at INOX and as much as Rs 260 at PVR. Meanwhile, aishwarya Rai's PS-1 value was stored as Rs 460 in 2D and Rs 750 in IMAX 2D.

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