Punctuality on MRTS trains touches a new hyper-type after the pandemic

Travelers using suburban service providers within the city have been witnessing a phenomenon they are not used to – trains started arriving on time as per schedule issued by Chennai Southern Railway Division.

Due to the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions allowing the general public to move within suburban service providers from the first week of February, service provider punctuality peaked at an average of over 95% . Mass Speedy Transit System (MRTS) trains operating between Chennai Seaside and Velachery have achieved nearly 100% compliance with their scheduled training timings, in line with information shared by MRTS. A senior official of the Chennai division, who provided accurate information on one month of suburban practice providers operating within the four divisions within the city, stated that MRTS has the best joint punctuality of 99.96% approved by the Seaside-Tambaram-Chengalattu part registry 96%, Gummdipoondi Road has a score of 94.20% and Avadi-Tiruvallur-Arakkonam-Tiruttani Road has a low score of 92.84%.

On the MRTS route, of the two 301 trains operated, 2300 were in a position to reach the stations accurately at the time printed. The official stated that achieving 100% punctuality in MRTS service providers made it the most reliable and economical public transportation within the city. The service providers achieved 95.10% punctuality with 16,481 trains arriving on time at the railway stations. – Whereas MRTS providers operating on an elevated stretch have a bonus on the three opposite suburban roads that have crisscrossing actions and changing lanes, higher monitoring of blocks for visitors taken for maintenance monitoring and discounting of signal failures helped this report in MRTS providers .

Reducing the punctuality rate for Chennai division, is still an issue as well as Gummdipoondi extension. A senior railway official has stated that the providers of Tiruttani and Gummidipoondi are problematic due to the cross actions at Arakkonam and Tiruvottiyur and the problems can be resolved by modifying the yard to be carried out at Arakkonam and Tiruvottiyur railway stations. While the re-adjustment of the arenas at Arakkonam can take 12 months later, the modification at Tiruvottiyur can take place 12 months later. yard in Tiruvottiyur and once the land tenure issue is resolved, the work can be done the following April for a period of 12 months.”

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