Pune: After Mumbai, the motto of the Independence Congress is also in Pune; Unanimous resolution within the Congressional Steering Committee Assembly after the Mumbai conference also decided to run for the election himself in Pune pune print information amy 95 IG Information

Having said that he will run for the municipal elections in Mumbai himself, Congress may also run independently in Pune. Within the board of the City Congress Steering Committee, the decision was made unanimously, raising the banner of self-reliance. Congressmen claimed that if they struggled alone as an alternative to forming alliances, the celebration would win additional seats and help Congress succeed in your entire city. In the meantime, as discontent with the opposition to the NCP was expressed within the assembly, the question whether or not Mahavikas Agade was likely to be present began to emerge.

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The Assembly of the Steering Committee (Basic Committee) of the Metropolis District Council was held within the Bhavan Congress under the chairmanship of Head of State Nana Patul. In this council, the technique related to the upcoming municipal elections is mentioned. Within the association, all leaders, companies, and workplace owners have strongly demanded to run for the elections themselves. Arvind Shinde, the congress president in charge of the city, is aware of this decision being made. The NCP does not assist in elections, and usually works against Congress. A complaint has been lodged against this association that Congress does not benefit from the coalition. During the previous Lok Sabha elections, the ANC staff did not promote the campaign of the Congress candidate in Pune, but participated in the marketing campaign of the ANC candidates in the Paramati Roundabout and Sherur Lok Sabha. He was executed by several individuals who attended the celebration to run for elections. This does no good to celebrate. Later on, it was also stated within the association that such candidates should not be nominated, and priority should be given only to those who have taken joint packages under the 5-year celebration banner.

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Mahavikas Aghadi fails
Nana Patul has already provided that the Mumbai municipal elections are likely to take place on a personal basis. After that, Pune's self-reliance motto has been given well. Then, the question arises whether or not there is likely to be a failure within the Mahavikas Aghadi. Interestingly, discontent was also expressed within the Congress of Congress regarding the work of the National Convention celebration. The decision to run alone within the NCP Congress' D.C. government has been mandated for a number of months in the past. Shiv Sena has provided that she will take the lead on the condition that seats are distributed equally and in a correct manner. As a result of this, there is a chance of failure within the alliance.

Congress will struggle in the upcoming municipal elections by itself In addition, directions have been given to aspirants and staff to begin building celebration wings and organizations in their districts.

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