Razer reveals Cell Peripheral Kishi V2 is now compatible with iOS

Following the release of the award-winning Razer Kishi V2 for Android, Razer has introduced the latest addition of the model to its lineup of favorite gaming consoles – the Razer Kishi V2 for Android devices. iPhone. This new addition provides console quality controls for all cellular platforms to get the last word of cellular gaming experience.

Razer first launched the Kishi V2 in July of this 12 month post-Kishi era and bringing high-quality touch controls to the mobile gaming market. Now, iPhone customers can experience the same console-quality enhanced controls and smooth smartphone gameplay while streaming the latest AAA titles or natively enjoying the cellular sports versions.

Kishi V2 for iPhone will embody award-winning options combined with high-quality inputs with all-new touch controls based on the popular console. Razer Wolverine V2. Kishi V2 customers for iPhone can use the dual programmable multi-function buttons and the Share button, allowing players to soon grab the right in-game shots or videos.

Kishi V2 for iPhone has an improved streamlined bridge design that provides an extra sense of stability as well as a comfortable grip and a very nice case. In addition, Kishi V2 for iPhone promotes cross-compatibility with today's iPhone fashion, along with a design that anchors the Kishi V2 into the future for potential future iOS units.

Kishi V2 for iPhone is also helped by the fully integrated Razer Nexus app. iPhone operators can instantly launch the Razer Nexus app and interface with the press of a button to enter video games, stream on YouTube or Fb, browse over a thousand appropriate video games, or customize console settings. Razer Nexus is a non-compulsory app that is 100% free with no subscriptions.

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