Real estate dealer detained, husband additionally detained due to fraud


the famous real estate dealer Noor Ahmed, who deceived A number of Rs Crore locals have been arrested with the promise of offering them homes on a long-term lease, in a joint operation between the Goa and Nepal Crime Department and Bihar Police. The crook was arrested from the Indo-Nepal border while trying to cross the border in an effort to avoid arrest.

The Financial Crimes Cell (EOC) has registered First Data Reviews (FIRs) against him, while around 70 complaints have been filed against Nour and his wife, Naher. subject to scrutiny.

Nidhin Valsan, Superintendent of Police (CB), stated that Noor, a Bihar resident and residing in Goa for 9 years, He lured gullible locals with a personal apartment deal with a long-term lease. Make sure that the unique homeowners and its victims do not in any way meet individually. 5 lakh rupees from each infected who was instructed that they would get an apartment for rent for a long time and could finally be the rightful homeowners who might bring them monthly returns. A preliminary police investigation revealed that to build a belief, the accused initially paid monthly returns to consumers suffering from it in a scheme launched in 2018.

By collecting a lump sum, Noor fled by air and refused to answer mobile phone calls from his victims. Many complaints were submitted to the Vasco Police afterwards, which were then referred to the Equal Opportunities Commission. Valsan stated that around 250 individuals were deceived and the fraud was linked to Rs 3.80 crore so far.

Given in this robbery, Valsan urged individuals not to fall prey to “Ponzi schemes” as of eight cases recorded with a cell Financial crimes, almost six circumstances have an identical modus operandi in which exceptionally high-income victims are deceived.

“People need to be careful not to be tempted by such Ponzi schemes. For those who come through suspicious schemes, join the helpline number 112 or file a complaint on our official website, “admitting that recovery is difficult in such circumstances, especially if the accused claims to have spent the money.” If he had invested in property, it can be recovered to return the cash to the victims.”

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