Research Abroad: India's Top State to Send Undergraduate Students to the United States for Further Education: Adviser to the Minister for Consular Affairs

India is the primary country to send undergraduate students to US colleges and universities, Don Heflin, Advisor to the Minister for Consular Affairs at the US Embassy in New Delhi said on Wednesday, praising the country's recent achievement of issuing more than 82,000 student visas this summer.

In the last week, US diplomatic missions in India issued a record number of 82,000 researcher visas between May and June 2022 – more than visas for any other country on the planet.

“We issued 82,000 student visas this summer and it is a file for us. In the last year, we file for 62000 version, and the cool factor is that this year due to issues related to Covid in different countries, India is the primary country to send college students to American colleges and universities,” Heflin advised ANI.

When asked if he was okay with using brokers to book slots, Heflin stated that there was nothing illegal about it, but was instructed to stay away from bogus papers and false statements.

” There may be nothing illegal in it. I don't suppose you want an agent to simply book an electronic slot with us. We hope that they will provide other consulting services. One caveat is that we will give people whenever you talk to anyone trying to promote you with a whole deal of pretend paperwork or tell you to make false statements, just get out immediately as a result your researcher could actually annoy you with visas,” Heflin added.


Emphasizing the visa delays, Heflin stated that by the following summer, they hope to have 100 per cent

“This could be the result of when Covid froze all the pieces. We now have consuls that are completely different from the world in other places. Therefore, individuals scrambled for appointments and other people across the country. Now, we don't think that when he's an institutional individual or perhaps a graduate researcher, he's likely to be an H1 employee. By the time of the following summer, we'll be a lot closer to 100% staff. So, problems must be settled. We anticipate that they may get an appointment at the consul closest to their place of residence.”

In response to a query as to whether college students want visa stamps who are within the United States in OPT (Uncompulsory Reasonable Training), Heflin stated that we have begun This summer with Dropbox appointments, for college kids who in no way could have done before.

“This will further complicate our graduates. For those within the United States in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and you also stand shoulder to shoulder with your college and the immigration service, you do not have to get a completely new visa except that you need to leave the nation. For those who don't leave the nation, you are fully empowered to keep knowing what you're doing. But when you leave the nation, it is recommended that you come again here and get a visa. Now, the excellent news is that this summer, we're starting Dropbox appointments for college kids, which we've in no way been in a position to do before, which means anyone in this scenario, might take a Dropbox appointment. It doesn't go as fast as basic events, however you will be able to schedule an appointment in the dropbox, and then build their trip to India around that,” Heflin added.

In a press release last week, the US mission stated In India it has issued a record 82,000 student visas to Indians in 2022 so far.Indian college students have obtained more additional study visas for the United States than some other countries, along with China.

The Embassy stated In addition, the US Embassy in New Delhi and 4 consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai prioritized the processing of scholar visa purposes from May to August to ensure that many of them are accredited enabling university students to access their research applications in time for the scheduled start dates.

Ambassador Patricia Lasina commended the achievement of the US mission in India, saying: “We are pleased to see so many university students were in a position to obtain entry visas and access their universities after the delay. caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in previous years.”

Indian college students make up nearly 20 percent of all college students worldwide discovered in the United States, with Open Doorways report in 2021 which showed that there are 167,582 undergraduate students from India within the educational year 2020-2021.

America has remained open and welcoming to college students around the world through the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.In In 2020, US authorities and institutions of higher education have implemented measures to safely welcome college students around the world on an individual level, online, and through blended study strategies, ensuring that the alternatives and assets for college students around the world remain strong.


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