Research has found that Chennai got 62% more rain in 12 months compared to previous years

The previous 12 months, since November 2020, have been exceptional when it comes to rainfall in Chennai, with the city accounting for almost 62% of the extra rain for the 12 months now.

An assessment by Chennai Rains (Chennaiyel Oro Mazayekalam), a climate-managing blog website, found that 11 weather stations/rain gauges within the city had gained more than 200 cm of rain from last November to 16 November within 12 months. This was primarily accomplished based on information from the Tamil Nadu Disaster Management Authority community and meteorological department. The DGP workplace climate station recorded 283 cm throughout this epoch, which is twice the typical annual rainfall (140 cm) at Nungambakkam. A number of stations analyzed were Perambur, Ayanavaram and Tondiarpet.

According to the information gathered, Chennai has gained an average of about 224 cm since last November. It's been an exceptional 12 months when it comes to precipitation, with a 44% improvement in a variety of rainy days between June and November over the 12 months, assessing the same 12-month time period.

OK. Srikanth, Chennai Rains climate blogger, mentioned that there were 568 wet day cases in all 11 climate stations within the city. If a local area or a particular weather station gets a minimum of 2.5 mm per day, it is counted as a rainy day. For example, the Tondiarpet had 52 wet days between June and November, which is 126% more than the same 12-month time.

Based on the knowledge of rainfall, the rise in a variety of rainy days and heavy rainfall indicates that a single episode of heavy rain throughout early November was not the only driver of local flooding. He noted that the excessive moisture of the soil and the rising groundwater table as a result of the continuous rains over the previous several months had provided favorable conditions for the occasion. Monsoons here, too, become useful, reminiscent of the MJO (Madden-Julian Oscillation), which was not able to complete its global circuit in 12 months. This has led to the Bay of Bengal launching new climate technologies, Mr. Srikanth added.

Amount of rain over the city

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