Restoration of administration on Budha Pahad, the last Maoist stronghold in Jharkhand: Center | India's latest information

NEW DELHI: Buddha Pahad, an area of ​​55 square kilometers on the Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh border, has been free from Maoist administration after 32 years after three coordinated operations carried out by safety, the federal government said on Wednesday The troops have been since April of this year.

I mentioned that a permanent camp has been arranged at Ras al-Tal and the growth work has begun.

Later, Chakrabanda small jungle areas and troops also regained control of Bhimaband in Bihar, which had been under the influence of the Maoists for many years.

Unionist Housing Minister Amit Shah described the event as a “decisive victory” in the battle towards left-wing extremism (LWE), and congratulated the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and various safety. The forces involved in the attack.

“In 2022, Safety Forces achieved unprecedented success in Operation Octopus, Operation Double Bull and Operation Chakrabanda in the fight against leftist extremists. Seven Maoists were killed and 436 arrested/surrendered in Chhattisgarh; 4 Maoists were killed in Jharkhand and 120 Maoists arrested/surrendered while 36 Maoists arrested/surrendered in Bihar.Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, three Maoists were killed by safety forces.This success turns out to be even more significant as many of those Maoists who were killed had bounties from lakhs and crores of rupees on their heads as Mithilesh Mahto was given a reward of 1 crore”, stated in a press release issued by the Ministry of Housing Affairs (MHA).

The Buddha Pahad area of ​​55 square kilometers on the border of two states was the last stronghold of the Maoists in Jharkhand. The safety forces were not able to reach the primary space – it unfolded over an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers, during the last three years the officers of the authorities

the counterattack was taking place in a number of years ago to seize the areas The primary focus is where the Maoists influenced, but three strategic and coordinated operations under the nom de guerre – Operation “Octopus”, “Double Bull” and “Thunderstorm” were operated by the CRPF's Resolute Movement Commando Battalion, Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Police Force, Kuldeep Singh said , at a press conference in Delhi on Wednesday, said that the unit, Bihar and Jharkhand since April.

On Monday and Tuesday, the safety forces cleared the world and reached the highest point of Buda Pahad using helicopters. Permanent camps were arranged for each of them – at Buddha Bhad, Chakrabanda and Bhimaband in Bihar, Singh stated. Weapons, ammunition, international hand grenades, aerial bombs and IEDs were found by safety forces throughout the operations.

“A certain technology towards left-wing extremism has been adopted since 2019. The efforts and campaigns of the Central and State Safety Forces and associated companies have led to unprecedented success in the battle towards LWE,” MHA stated.

The additional federal government stated that “the safety vacuum in these states may be completely filled by the destruction of Maoist strongholds.

asserting that there has been a gradual decline in Both incidents of violence and LWE geographical reveal, the Home Office stated that the counterattack had reached its remaining stage corroborated by the fact that there was 39% less violence in the affected areas in 12 months compared to 2018.

reported that areas under Maoist influence decreased from 96 districts in 2010 to just 39 in 12 months.

“Incidents of violence have fallen from the two best stages, 258 in 2009 to 509 in 2021. The cost of dying from violence has also decreased by 85%. In 2010, the death toll was at an all-time high – 1,005, which is now down all the way to 147 in 2021 and the scope of the Maoists' influence has been greatly reduced,” the ministry added.

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