Ride an Uber taxi in Delhi and Mumbai to run ads on tablets

If you are based in Delhi or Mumbai, you may quickly have to watch for commercials when you travel in Uber taxis. Welcome app The Uber app trials in-car tablets to signify advertisements and value-added providers for passengers.

These tablets are likely to be installed behind the entrance seat by the rider and are a way to monetize and create additional income streams by displaying advertisements to customers, according to for the ET report. It was completed by the Indian engineering team and is a global product,” a resourceful source mentioned, including that the tablets would be put first in taxis in America before being rolled out in markets like India.



The company can provide third party advertisements in addition to ) Cross Selling Different Providers Like Uber Eats.“You can promote meal coupons at the Airport Food Court schedule in case you are on the best route to the airport,” the offer stated.

An Uber spokesperson reportedly confirmed the event However, he did not share additional details because the project is in an early stage.Uber competitor Lyft had said last month in August that it would arrange a media division to monetize customers via in-car advertising.

Uber's efforts come at a time when many technology companies in all sectors are increasingly specializing in boosting revenue. Zone, for example, generated more than $30 billion in 2021 from advertising alone. This Uber pilot program comes after a surge in interest in leveraging Indian engineering expertise to cater to the world's desires.

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In 2016, the common carrier Ola launched a similar service known as Ola Play. , which has different music and value-added providers. Ola Play Taxis are listed individually on Ola App He is said to have had the following fare. The report spoke of it not being shown on the app, and sources mentioned that Ola Play has shut down.

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ola play Ads in applications, cars and external cars

ads on tablet uber


In the last year, in September 2021, Uber hired Former Amazon government Mark Grether to direct the company's $1 billion promotion effort. Greiter reportedly informed buyers that Sees three ways to place ads – inside the app, inside the car and outside the car – on the roof .

According to the ET report, put a pill Pregnancy also encourages increased adhesion between drivers to take advantage of the Uber app, equitably from switching between competing apps, where a number of Proceeds from advertising income to driver a stated supply.

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