Rip off tax coverage in Delhi: ED is looking at a number of places

NEW DELHI, Sept 16 (UNI) The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday conducted searches in a number of places across the country in an ongoing investigation into alleged wrongdoing within the New Delhi tax coverage case, sources said.

Searches were underway at about 40 places in various states along with Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Nellore.

It was another major investigation conducted by the emergency department within 10 days in this case, sources said. Raids in a number of places across the country in the same situation. The raids were carried out in more than 35 places in various states. Manish Sisodia in Ghaziabad referring to the similar situation. It had earlier raided and conducted a 14-hour search at his residence.

The Central Bank of Iraq has registered a case against Sisodia and others in this regard. A day after an alleged video of the sting operation appeared within an alleged alcohol-covering riot, Sisodia dared to arrest him and additionally questioned the authenticity of the video.

On Thursday, Sisodia accused the BJP of conspiracy and directing an alleged stinging video.

Tweet: “If nothing is discovered from the CBI-ED investigation, the sting has been entered.

“The BJP should provide this Sting immediately to the CBI. If the CBI finds the truth in this, I need to be arrested within 4 days. In any other case, it must be assumed that this could be a perceptible conspiracy within the Prime Minister’s workplace and the Prime Minister should apologize for it.”



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