Sanitary pad maker offers year-long submission to Bihar woman who got 'Condom' response | India's latest information

A Bihar woman, who was reprimanded by an IAS officer after ordering affordable sanitary pads at a workshop aimed at 'promoting ladies' value', has been given a year-long proposal by an Indian manufacturer company.

Hariom Tyagi, CEO of the Delhi-based feminine hygiene agency Moist and Dry Private Care, has stated that it is “rewarding” the young woman – who is an undergraduate student – ​​for her “daring” to promote easy access to Menstrual hygiene strategies for poor women and girls living in slums from the general discussion board.” Women’s training until starting in the meantime. “If in the future you want help or other help, and we really feel that this is where we can contribute to,” Tyagi added. improve her quality of life, we will.”

The incident in Patna on Tuesday took place at the place where IAS Officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra publicly mocked the younger woman after she asked if the federal government might provide sanitary napkins At 20 to 30. The senior official of Bihar Women's Improvement Department was at a workshop organized in collaboration with UNICEF. Free. Tomorrow, it's up to you, jeans and sneakers, and then, when the home planning phase comes along, you'll probably be asking for free condoms. I am as I should.

When the individual votes decide who to rule, the officer referred to the comment as “the pinnacle of stupidity” and added that these individuals should go to Pakistan. To have a quick look at the new JD(U)-RJD powers To CM Nitish Kumar and his deputy Tejashwi Yadav Rathod, who shared a clip of the incident on the micro-blogging site, said, “Meet an IAS official in Nitish Tejashwi authorities who is asking a schoolboy to go to Pakistan in search of sanitary pads.”

) On Thursday, Hamra apologized for her assertion, saying she had “no intention of humiliating anyone or hurting anyone’s feelings.” The 1992 class IAS officer added that the workshop was organized to create awareness among “teenage girls regarding the authorities’ judgments of them.” Life and Career. During this conversation I asked the ladies to stop bringing up issues without spending a dime,” Bhamra stated in an ad, asserting that her “intentions were not flawed.”

The IAS officer, however, did not provide evidence for her “condom” and “Pakistan” statements. And look for a guide from Bhamra.

Meanwhile, Kumar stated that he ordered an investigation into the matter after learning about it from the newspapers.

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