Scams Impersonating Dean of BKC Covid Centre, Hunt for Cash | Mumbai information

MUMBAI: Dr. Rajesh Dheere, Dean of BKC Devoted Covid Jumbo Hospital called the police saying that some unknown individuals had created a fake social media account in his name and demanded money from individuals in his contact by citing petty reasons.

Dr. Deere, who can be Professor and Head of Forensic Department at Lokmania Tilak Municipal General Hospital and Medical College, Sion, has bought a number of calls from his acquaintances regarding the fake account and the emergency for which he is asking Coin scammers them.

“After some individuals informed me about it, I made the decision to report the matter to the police immediately and accordingly I was aware of it to the Internet Police of Bandra Kurla Advanced. Although I am not very active On social media, however, I also posted a message on my social media accounts, warning the individuals in my contact, regarding the fake account and the attempt by fraudsters to extract money from unsuspecting individuals,” Dr. Derry stated.

He stated that the scams required small amounts that give superficial reasons and some of the individuals who contacted me seemed to have fallen for his methods.

Internet Police reported that recently a number of individuals fall into this type of scam, one should be on the alert and not push cash in a hurry, only rely mostly on messages and with out Chat with the person concerned.

In the last month, some unidentified scams attempted to impersonate Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Vansalkar on WhatsApp by using his {image} in uniform and soliciting money from a number of individuals on his contact log.

Earlier, could some online cheaters have created a fake account of Tata Memorial Center Director Dr. Rajendra Badawi by giving them fake dates instead of 'charges'.

Other than the Police Commissioner, the scams have also attempted to take advantage of the address and {image} of Joint Commissioner, Financial Crimes Wing (EOW), Praveen Badwal and verify the fraudulent individuals in his contact. The scammers had his picture in his military uniform and were demanding cash or Amazon playing cards from his contacts, police said.

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