September 16 – The advanced SeaPoint Industrial Terminal completes a landmark environmental remediation mission | Georgia Foundation Information

September 16, 2022 – Dulany Industries, Inc. At the moment that SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Advanced – The website of a revolutionary mixed-use, multi-tenant industrial terminal in Savannah, Ga. With a strong focus on sustainability – recently completed a landmark environmental clean-up of the former Tronox/Kerr-McGee site off President Road.

The $38 million privately funded mission, which spans over 755 Acres and comprised of 84 distinct workpieces, it stands aside as the largest brownfield cleanup by area in the Georgia Brownfield Fields Historic Past program and was completed ahead of schedule.

“We are pleased to conclude the environmental processing at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Advanced and to reinstate the website This previously unreformed industrialist is for active use as an important creator of high-paying jobs in Chatham County and the State of Georgia,” stated Reed Dolany, Preceded ent and CEO of Dulany Industries, Inc. “We've been dedicated to sustainability since day one, and finishing the cleanup at SeaPoint is a critical step toward our vision and complexity of a carbon-neutral deepwater plant.”

With over 600 acres of land to grow, miles of water entry Deep on the main transportation channel, a 3,000-foot licensed transportation pier and existing railroads, utilities and workplace buildings in an alternative federal district, SeaPoint Advanced has attracted a lively curiosity from national and global companies eager to expand to the Georgia coast.

“The former Tronox Pigments facility is an example of what will be achieved when a fall The events in question have the combined creativity, insight, and dedication to make this happen,” stated Sarah Lips, Director of Communications and Neighborhood Engagement for the Georgia Division of Environmental Pure Assets (A) for the Safety Division. “Dulany Industries' collaboration and enthusiasm helped navigate the complexities and tangled jurisdictions involved within the mission, resulting in a cleanup that protects human well-being and its surroundings.”

The SeaPoint industrial site is developed on the east side of Savannah in Initially during the 1950s by the American Cyanamid Company to provide titanium dioxide and later owned by Kemira, Ker McGee and Tronox over time. In 2009, Tronox filed for dismissal and closed nearly all previous operations on the site, leading to vital losses in high-paying jobs and losses to Chatham County's tax base. As part of the separation settlement, ownership of the website was transferred to the Greenfield Environmental Belief Group, with the US Environmental Safety Corporation (EPA), the Georgia Environmental Safety Division (EPD) and state and federal governments acting as beneficiaries of this belief. In 2013, Dulany Industries, Inc. To purchase the site and undertake environmental clean-up efforts designed to return the site to productive use, using one mile of deep water entry to the site.

In 2017, the Six-Year Corrective Action Plan ( CAP) was collectively accomplished by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Georgia EPD, Greenfield Environmental Belief, and Dulany Industries Inc. and approved by Georgia EPD in session with the Environmental Protection Agency. Later that year, Dulany Industries, Inc. The acquisition of the nearly 1,600-acre website, which was renamed SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Advanced, allotted 728 acres of land to the state of Georgia for the safety of the swamps and as additional storage for the former Fort Jackson.

SeaPoint Terminal Industrial Advanced has received a license from the US Army Corps of Engineers to assemble An all-new non-public marine terminal along with a one-mile bridge within the Port of Savannah, the third fastest growing port within the state, in 2021. The berth is strategically located on the most important transmission channel in the Savannah River and can help charterers, such as NantRenewables, who They share SeaPoint's commitment to sustainability.

In line with the Georgia College Exam, SeaPoint will create more than 1,700 A new high-paying job in an alternative federal district in Savannah, Georgia, and generates an estimated $1 billion annual financial impression.

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