Service provider tries to ship 1.38 million dirhams worth of diamonds to Dubai, gets caught up in a bizarre plot of robbery and extortion – info

Mumbai Police Arrests Three Suspects in Reference to Case

Exposed: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 8:31 pm

Final Update: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 9:46 PM

When diamond service provider Jairambhai Ankolia, 39, decided to ship diamonds worth 1.38 million dirhams to his Dubai workplace from India, little did he know that he could fall into a heinous crime of robbery, kidnapping and extortion plot.

Three people have been arrested so far within the case by Mumbai Police. They are all residents of Surat, a city located within the western Indian state of Gujarat.

The police stated that Ankolia initially reached out to an acquaintance in Surat, hoping that she would become pregnant with the diamonds. to Dubai because it was a frequent customer to the United Arab Emirates.

However, the lady provided that the precious stones would be sent via her worker who claimed that she was due to travel to Dubai from Mumbai on September 20.

Ankolia assured that there is no need to worry as the worker, Vijay, is reliable.

Because it seems that the lady has hatched an evil plan with Vijay to not only steal the precious stones but additionally He earned some extra money from extortion, as stated by a police officer who investigated the case.

Secure within the perception that the diamonds may be in safe arms, Ankolia s ver delivers them to Vijay at the airport Mumbai early Tuesday morning. As part of a plan, he sneaked out of the airport where the two other suspects met him. However, when Ankolia referred to Vijay to investigate whether he had boarded the plane, he performed the charade, saying that he is nonetheless in the immigration queue.

Since Vijay's subsequent calls went unanswered, Ankolia assumed that it might be on board The Plane.

The diamond service provider was driving again when he got a name from someone who claimed that Vijay had been His detention by specialized officers.

Ankolia was told that the officers would release the person on condition that they get some money.

Ankolia was instructed to satisfy the assigned officers at the Visitors' House on Mira Street to resolve the matter.

Suspecting foul play, he alerted the Mumbai Police who assembled a speedy crew.

As directed by the police, Ankolia informs the caller that he will ship a good cargo ship. Quarrel for money for the visitor's house. A visitor's home, he was overpowered and arrested. Kill the person if they do not pay 8 million rupees (336,000 dirhams) as cash ransom.

A crew from the Mumbai Crime Department led by Assistant Police Inspector F. Raskar room visitors and arrested the three suspects along with Vijay. Diamonds were additionally recovered. The defendants had appeared earlier than the court schedule and had been returned to police custody until September 28

Now done Launch a chase for the lady.

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