Simply Bihar issues! Policemen confiscate 140 cartons of alcohol from faculty members in Vaishali district

Cops recover 140 cartons of alcohol from Bihar school
SUPPLY OF PHOTOS: PTI Policemen retrieve 140 cartons of alcohol from Bihar College

Seized alcohol from Bihar College: Bihar – the country that has banned the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, has made a number of headlines resulting solely from its illegal booze project. However, what happened during the Bihar college raid shocked not only the people of the state but the netizens as well.

During a college raid in Vaishali Bihar district, 140 cartons were recovered by policemen . of illegal liquor. From cops to people, everyone was shocked to pull a huge shipment of liquor from a college. The college principal mentioned that someone had come to college at night, adjusted the locks and left the cartons full of liquor. The police are already investigating.

Photo Source: PTI Alcohol was kept in one of the many rooms within the college.

The incident came to the fore of the faculty within the space Khangachak, which is located in Vrindavan in Vaishali district. College Principal Pawan Kumar Shukla said he got a name on Wednesday morning {that} a lock in one of the many rooms within the college had been damaged and replaced with a brand new one. After that, the principal arrived at the college and referred to them as the original representatives and then reported it to the police.

Police Inspector Brijsh Singh, who obtained the data and arrived at the scene, stated, The police confiscated all 140 cartons containing the liquor. He added that someone broke the lock in the room on Tuesday night and saved the liquor there. The police are investigating.

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