Simply two days after that Bihar will be swaying in the rain, find out the “forecast” from the meteorological department

Patna: There is a risk of heavy rain in Bihar in the next few days starting from 12th September. This time, Monsoon has given credit to the North as well as South Bihar. According to the Meteorological Department, heavy rains are expected in most of North Bihar and regular to average rainfall in South Bihar. At the same time, based on IMD, there could also be thunderstorms in many locations within the state throughout this era, so farmers or people who are farming especially need to be careful about that. However, earlier on Friday and Saturday, residents of the capital Patna faced sunshine as an alternative to clouds. After that, the temperature rose a bit, but based on the meteorological department, starting Monday, a period of rain will begin within the state.

Chance of rain in Bihar from Sep 12th According to the Department of Meteorology, “The rain depth is expected to extend due to the reduced pressure area over the central Bay of West Bengal from 12 September.” According to Patna meteorologist Ajit Kumar Singh, the Monsoon Basin passes a low pressure place within the Bay of West Bengal through Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jalgon and Ramagondam. As a result, light to moderate rain is expected in many parts of the state.

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You probably can see the list of counties in the place where the Meteorological Center predicted rain from September 12, you can probably to see here.




  • Sheikhpura


  • Cihanabad



    • Bhabwa




  • Vaishali
  • Sheohar
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  • Begusaray

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