sir i didn't get my pension…be negligent, we'll see, the federal government helps the elderly with free amount 14567

Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann (Bhagwant Man) The Federal Government led by the Federal Government has initiated several mega schemes for the elderly. In this episode, the toll-free number 14567 started after two months in the past for the complaints of the elders of the Department of Social Security, Women's and Youth Growth Department, the advantages of which are already seen. In fact, complaints about the elderly are dealt with quickly. condition. The free helpline number 14567 started two months later again to serve the elderly. This helpline serves as a platform for redress of the grievances of the Punjab age, due to which optimistic adjustments in the lives of the elderly are taking place.

Dr. Baljit Kaur advised that elderly people have to face many difficulties in life. Punjab elders can call the toll free number 14567 to expose their problems. He was additionally aware that so far 61,413 calls (Seva Yoga and non-Seva Yoga) have been received on this free amount from completely different regions, with movement made on 17,235 calls (Seva Yoga).

Complaints Obtained About Free Quantity

In addition, 27,893 non-actionable calls were received on these Quantity 16,285 calls and status relays are made. Seva Yoga along with Investigation 9413, Associated Retirement 4587, 988 Authorized, Abuse 535, Covid Help 548 Calls, Well being Associated 294, Emotional Help 210, OAH 165, Caregivers 52, Rescue 42, Exercise Heart 10, Obtained On volunteering 02. Treasury Secretary Dr. Baljit Kaur has appealed to the elderly that the helpline number 14567 should be used increasingly so that the elderly can cheerfully solve their problems.

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