SoBo man booked to drive Jaguar with two-wheeled quantum board | Mumbai information

Mumbai owner Jaguar, owner of a perfume factory in Colaba, has been driving his luxury car for 5 years bearing the two-wheeled lot plate belonging to a Bhaiander native.

Colaba Police detained SoBo businessman for allegedly using a replica quantity plate and violating site visitor guidelines, on September 21st. Incidentally, the owner of the two-wheeled car, Rahul Rai, has taken up 11 online challenges of site visitor violations allegedly perpetuated by businessman Adnan Ahmed Syed.

The master claimed that it was an unintentional mistake by the maker of the quantity plates, which the police are already trying to confirm.

The complainant in the case is the Colaba Site Visitors Division Police Assistant Inspector, Hendurao Chaudhary, who on September 20 noticed a white Jaguar parked on the Meriwether Highway lane, in Colaba.

When Chaudhari entered the vehicle registration quantity – MH04-HE-7017 – inside the e-Challan issue machine, the system displayed a message stating that it is a replica and the lot is officially registered for a two-wheeler bike which belongs to Bhayandar (East) Resident in Al-Rai.

Police inquiries about the vehicle led them to the Marine Resident. When the master arrived at the location, the policemen inquired about the car and asked to see the papers of his car, which confirmed that its registration number is MH04-HF-7017.

Syed was aware that the lot plate belonged to a two-wheeler owner, and that there had been 11 site visitor violations registered on this lot during the past 5 years.

Overwhelmed with a variety of electronic challans issued to him through no fault of his own, Rai has registered a number of complaints with a number of site visitors sections. When nothing got here, the police of the site's visitors scrapped the registration of its quantity from their system. Then the site visitors section marked the license plate as a replica within the system.

“The accused businessman claimed that it was not completed intentionally. Inspector Sanjay Donar, Colaba Police Station, stated, “It was stated that the lot plate maker made a mistake.”

“Claimed Master that after installing the quantity plate on his car, he did not thoroughly examine it. It is certainly unusual that he lived his life for 5 years without noticing the error. He is now facing a felony case for his neglect which he devoted 5 years in the past. Now we have seized the vehicle and tried to find the maker of the quantity plates to provide his confirmation,” said Sub-Inspector Vishal Jadhav, of Colaba Police Station. Below are Sections 465 (Forgery), 468 (Falsification for dishonest purpose) 471 (Real hard use) and 417 (Penalty of deception) of the Indian Penal Code.

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