SPPU Indicators 5 Memoranda of Understanding with American Universities

Savitribai Phule Pune College (SPPU) has signed 5 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with US universities as part of the New Training Coverage (NEP) campaign to develop “internationalization” programs, senior college officials said.

The university's vice chancellor, Professor Karbari Kali, led a crew of officers on a week-long tour of American universities last week.

A number of college officials they met were excited to learn Indian traditions, arts, music, and yoga-related programs, he said.

SPPU has signed three Memoranda of Understanding with Metropolis College New York (CUNY) and one with Dresel College and College of California, LA (UCLA).

“It was a necessary tour for us, as now outstanding universities have been awarded an association with SPPU. Through these MoUs, we will implement Student Trade Programs, Schools, Dual Diploma Programs, Conferences and Seminars as well as analyze various topics. We will even have the ability to offer credit degree programs, and other forms of collaboration that will be of good profit to our college students,” stated Professor Callie.

SPPU and Drexel College will collectively launch the Grasp Program in Biomedical Engineering at SPPU, which will be taken up because of the mission of RUSA 2.0 SPPU, as stated.

“The master’s program will not only help university students increase education but will help each institute within the enhanced infrastructure in each party,” he added.

“Across all the colleges we visited, the only factor we noticed was their willingness to check out Indian traditions, customs, artwork, music, yoga and Ayurveda. As there are not any faculties to display these items there, through this cooperation our faculties in the field of Arts, Music, Yoga and even Ayurveda will have the ability to educate foreign university students. UCLA has particularly raised this request about collaborating with us to showcase the Indian traditions, arts, music and dance programs at their college,” said Professor Kali.

Professor Aditya Abhyankar, Head of SPPU Experience Division, Professor Ujwala Chakradevu, Vice-Chancellor of SNDT College for Girls, Mumbai and Professor Ashish Batorkar, Vice-Chancellor of Maharashtra College of Zoology and Fisheries, Nagpur, are additionally part of a week-long tour.

SPPU already has a Memorandum of Understanding with Melbourne College, Australia.

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