Stay away from spending too much time on devices to stay younger:

Want to stay younger? Steer clear of spending too much time on devices like phones or laptops, a team of researchers has reported in brand new research that excessive use of digital gadgets can have an impact on a person's aging trajectory. Several research previously confirmed that spending too much time on devices can affect your eyesight or your mental health. The research was conducted on fruit flies, and the research means that our basic mobile features may be affected by the cool blue color emitted by these gadgets. These findings were revealed in Frontiers in Ageing. “Cells in our body, from pore cells, skin and fat, to sensory neurons,” said Dr. Jadwiga Giebultowicz, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State College and one of the lead authors of the research.

“We are the first to suggest that degrees of certain metabolites–chemicals that may be important for cells to function accurately–are changed in fruit flies exposed to a pleasant blue color.”

“Our research means that avoiding intense cyanosis hype can also be a good anti-aging technique,” ​​Giboltovic suggested. Researchers at Oregon State College have previously demonstrated that Drosophila have been detected to activate genes that protect against stress, and that these genes stored in constant darkness live longer. responsible for accelerating growth in fruit flies, and we contrasted the metabolic scores in flies exposed to pleasant blue for two weeks to those stored in complete darkness,” Gibeltovic identified. Important differences in the ranges of metabolites measured by researchers within the flies' heads cells.

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