Stuff's IFA 2022 Awards: The perfect new technology from Berlin

We're back in Berlin, kid! After a two-year hiatus, Europe's biggest tech shopper fair is finally in full swing once again. And IFA 2022 has already delivered: From smartphones and laptops to TVs and tablets and an affordable accommodation package, we've seen heaps of cutting edge technology revealed by mega-names and newcomers alike.

Need a shortcut to a perfect new equipment has been introduced in the German capital? Our knowledgeable staff were roaming the halls of ExpoCenter Metropolis, primarily looking for the most exciting devices unveiled at IFA 2022. Aside from outlining the steps of the report, their roaming report helped put together this innovation reel.

Under the list below, you'll discover our favorites from this 12-month Berlin show – all worthy winners of the coveted IFA 2022 Awards from Stuff.

JBL Tour PRO 2

can be Earbuds are smarter than ever, but there's one functionality that every pair lacks: a touch screen built into the charging case. This mods with the JBL Tour Professional 2, a set of true wi-fi earbuds with a 1.45-inch touchscreen display on the entrance to their enclosure. Aside from displaying the battery status of each earbud and case, the display lets you simply change the ambient sound settings. When paired with your phone via Bluetooth, it will also be used to pause playback, answer calls, and show notifications. Who beats did everything by ear. For phones, each earbud comes with a 10mm driver, three microphones for ANC assignments and a good cell for ten hours of independent listening. The case could add another 30—although that amount probably drops for those who keep fiddling with its touchscreen. A gimmick or pioneer, yet they get the bell to go somewhere other people didn't have earlier.

Nokia X30 5G

With all the assets that go into smartphones, shopping for a brand new phone just doesn't make sense for the planet. Shopping for one year? This is the lack of environment. Nokia is a greener strategic advocate. First, the new X30 5G is the most sustainable phone ever: the chassis is made of 100% recycled aluminum, while the polycarbonate back uses 65% of recycled plastic. Due to its long-lasting design, the average Ranger is on the cusp of three generations of OS updates, while its battery is rated for 800 cycles of the Ranger. Don't get a charger, both. And since the environmental problem received is not solved by a single smartphone, Nokia can also launch a tour: a month-to-month rental service that incentivizes you to keep your cell phone for longer. You earn “seeds” when you sign up, which helps sustainable initiatives, reminiscent of eradicating plastic waste from rivers. And once you change to a brand new Nokia, your old device can be reused or recycled.

Yamaha WS- B1A

Yamaha has made heaps of musical instruments over time, it takes until 2022 for the Sonic Maestro to get amplified sound in a portable bluetooth speaker. Less than expected, the WS-B1A ships with an adult look in three shades of gray. It is only 10cm high and 8cm square, and the sleek 5.5cm compact driver to charge Yamaha's practical “True Sound” is touted during transportation. And for those touring with the WS-B1A, its 490-gram weight doesn't stress your bag, while the IP67 rating should see through showers and sandy moments. The 12-hour battery life is solid enough, with the CC-T1A charging base an option to keep it boosted and able to jig. Or you can mount it to the wall to set up Yamaha's Hello-Fi Roots swimsuit. Either way, it guarantees a solid value at £99. With this value, it is simply one of the highlights of Hello-Fi from IFA 2022.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 2

All laptops can be folded, but Most do not allow you to bend the display screen. Lenovo became versatile first with the ThinkPad X1 Fold, a full-screen pocket book that looks like a giant folding pill. His successor has the honor of improving the recipe. Regardless of the 16.1-inch display, the all-new hinge design sees the second-generation fold as thin as just 8.6mm when unfolded. It's in a clamshell type, which means you get a basic 12-inch display with call keys underneath. Or you can install it with Lenovo's non-compulsory Bluetooth keyboard for big screen productivity. Either way, the OLED panel isn't compromised: it pumps out 600 nits of peak brightness and a good 2560 x 2024 resolution. The foldable graphite sheets inside keep cores running nicely, like 12th-generation Intel CPUs and whatnot. It's up to 32GB of RAM by Windows 11. Aside from its slender dimensions, there's room for Thunderbolt 4 ports, a single USB-C and a nanoSIM tray.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

Wide enough that we needed to convey the branding of our awards, this 34 inch display is one thing special. Samsung's first OLED gaming monitor, the G8 is a piece of visual excellence. With an aspect ratio of 21:9 and QHD resolution, it adopts a precise 1800R curvature to maintain the optimum viewing distance while panning and gravel. Regardless of measuring just 3.9mm at its thinnest, the G8 packs a whole host of display technologies into its slim body. You get 100% color quantity, DCI-99.3% color gamut, consistent million-to-one distinction, and True Black certification. Do you speak jargon? It should look very strong, lively and correct. With a 0.1ms response time and a 175Hz refresh rate, the lag shouldn't go away, as I detected both. And to bring out the visual feast spherically, Core Lighting+ on the back ensures that ambient lighting syncs with your gameplay. All of which makes the G8 a transparent contender for gaming glory.

Philips Fidelio FS1

Philips first revealed its rival Sonos back in January. Dubbed the all-round Fidelio Wi-fi AV and DTS Play-Fi, it ensures high fidelity playback across a range of room-spanning audio instruments. Heading this difference is the Fidelio FB1, a low-key Dolby Atmos soundbar with 15 drivers inside. Pair it with two FW1 subwoofers for even more low-key appeal from the 8-inch woofer. However, arguably the most noticeable member of the Fidelio's house is the FS1: a wi-fi speaker that may function as a stand-alone unit, in a stereo pair or as it is considered one of a number of satellites. It houses a 1-inch woofer, a 3.5-inch woofer, and two 5-inch drivers for Atmos tasks across the room. What really sets it aside are the LED lights that stay behind, which may sync with Philips TVs sure to maximize the Ambilight effect in the farthest reaches of your front room. Which looks like an award worthy glow gift.

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