Supreme Council crushes two FIRs towards MP Jagathrakshakan DMK

The Madras Excess Courtroom on Friday canceled two First Statements Trials (FIRs) that the Crimes Department-Criminal Investigation Division (CB-CID) registered in 2016 towards DMK MP S.

c) justice Good. Ilanthiraiyan allowed the 2 petitions pending inside the excessive courtroom since 2020 at the bottom that the registration of FIRs was nothing but an abuse of the method of legislation. He agreed with Senior Adviser S. Manishankar and Attorney N. Senthil Kumar, who is representing the MP, that the costs of forgery and fabrication had not been determined.

The check specified that the Chennai Central Crime Department police had recorded two executive information reports referring to identical costs in 2007, but closed these cases after submitting residual malicious reviews. The Magistrate's Magistrate in Ponamali accepted the final reviews, regardless of the complainant's petition of protest, in 2009.

However, in 2012, CB-CID suo motu Intent on further investigation into both cases and requested vital permission from the justice of the peace. The Magistrate's judge refused to grant the leave in 2014, but the matter was taken as a matter of witchcraft earlier than the Chingalpattu adjudication courtroom and permission was obtained in 2016. The leave was granted for further investigation because it was discovered that the complainant had conducted a court schedule fraud in A related issue is related to Chrome Leather-based company.

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