Tamil Nadu tops the list of vacationers in 2020 | Chennai information

Chennai: Tamil Nadu has emerged as the number one holiday destination location topping the nation in tourist arrivals in 2020, according to Indian tourism statistics 2021 revealed by the Union Tourism Ministry.
The state had 22.9% of total visits in 2020 and was the number one vacation home visitor in 2020 with over 140 million guests.
In terms of international holiday arrivals, the state was marginally second only to Maharashtra. TN got 1.23 million and Maharashtra got 1.62 million international guests. The information confirmed that Bangladesh, the US and the UK were the top supply markets, cumulatively contributing to 45% of international holiday arrivals in India.
Chennai International Airport was the gateway to 6.6% of international vacationers. Among all international vacationers, 52% from Sri Lanka, 22.5% from Singapore, 20.4% from Malaysia, 18.8% from France and 16.8% from South Korea, chose Chennai as their preferred port of entry.
Tamil Nadu ranks among the top five states when it comes to overall diversity of rooms in rated motels which depicts the capacity of tourism infrastructure within the state.
Furthermore, the Mamallapuram Group of Monuments, one of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the state, has been ranked as the second most important centrally protected monument in ASI among home vacationers and fifth among international vacationers.
A press release from the state authorities stated that many of the widely spread monuments within the state and frequented by vacationers include the Fort Museum, Fort Vattakottai, Gingee Fort and Rock Reduce Jain Temple in Sittannavasal.

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