Tech-savvy guys help grandma and grandpa with hardware malfunctions

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Seniors and retirees can't name their IT department when their cell phone crashes or their laptop randomly turns off. Alternatively, children and grandchildren usually step in and help keep technology up to date.

A new analysis reveals that creating quiet moments for this switch in information is essential and one thing older adults are most likely to do Cherish it and take advantage of it.

Carolina Martinez, Senior Lecturer in Children and Youth Research at Malmö College, Sweden, has interviewed people aged 70 and 94 years on the elements of success and obstacles in the case of studying digital media from younger generations.

“Examination reveals that children and grandchildren are in a necessary position to support older adults in developing digital capabilities. It is a matter of course,” Martinez says. Great to see how slightly detailed anecdotes they have about these events on ordinary occasions”, including:

“They have It was just how active the older people I interviewed are to get moments of study. For example, one man told us that he deliberately carefully asked how the digital camera on his cell phone worked during an outing with his daughter and grandchildren. He thought it would be pure to talk about it then, and at the same time be a time of communal quiet.”

Old technology knows that children Grandchildren have many different obligations, but they choose to treat them as an alternative to prioritizing their own needs, Martinez says. Older adults who need education—which is essential to maintaining independence—will need to get a chance to try to solve problems for themselves.

) “If you are not anxious, you will not have the opportunity to learn. It is a fundamental principle for all learners.

“The best alternative to studying is when communication is working effectively. When there is a relaxed atmosphere, the child or grandson calmly appears with a step It is necessary to simplify the data and make it manageable.”

The fact that older people usually live in their own homes and their removal from young people's relationships is another obstacle to study. It may also be that children and grandchildren cannot make data manageable or they will not be educated regarding the explicit cell phone that an older person has.

“There may also be a huge distinction between getting help and studying. Getting help to fit one thing is one of the factors that It shouldn't be underestimated, but get help studying another one.”

You believe that old technology lacks pure digital media recognition panels.

Complete system with college about their studies. Many adults in working life can name an IT department when one mistake occurs. But retirees don't have any system around them. Actually there are software but not builder. No one in society undertakes the duty to study or study it from digital media.”

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