The country’s youth shall be part of the work suitable for employment in the non-public sector

DIMAPUR: 300 young people from rural Nagaland showed up for interviews for jobs in several outdoor companies Nagaland at mela post here.

Organized by the Nagaland State Livelihoods Mission, the two-day CXO meeting and mela function under Deen Dayal Upadhaya Kaushalya Ujana (DDUKY) concluded on Wednesday at the Resort Saramati campus.

The initial job of its kind in Nagaland under DDUKY provided an opportunity for young people from rural Nagaland, who would otherwise be targeted within a sector Authorities, to get jobs in the non-public sector outside the state.

Eligibility criteria were Class X movers and between the ages of 18 and 35. from starting any business. Because of the “situation” within the country.

“Our situation did not allow young people to develop,” Mashhour Samir. However, he added, the issues are currently settling at a higher level.

He hoped that the job would provide an alternative opportunity for agricultural youth from poor families to find work. .

Speaking to this reporter on the sidelines of the program, Junaid Majid Sheikh, Senior Supervisor (Training), Park Resort, pointed out that the Naga youth have special qualities thanks to his company. Excited to recruit them

The sheikh stated that they are good angular and competent, well versed in English, great at communicating and straightforward to mold.

In an effort on the former potential, he stated, his company is to tap as many Naga youth as possible. Years.

Echo Sheikh, Samon Matthews, Director (Human Properties), Radisson Blu GRT Chennai, stated that the young Naga are sane and hardworking. Separation of the resort business.

He added that 36 young Naga youths are already working in his company.


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