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He-she It's now over three months since the resort was closed Centaur Lakeview Resort Srinagar and served by J & Ok authorities. For more than 12 months, the resort had an average income of Rs 2.50 crore per month, but now that is not the case at all. The resort is closed, all rooms are locked and even supplies purchased to run the resort's kitchen are nearly rotting inside the retailer's rooms.

160 workers in this resort are protesting and demanding justice. These employees say that the Jammu and Kashmir authorities forcibly expelled them on 14 June within 12 months. Since then, the resort has been closed. Workers say they are caught up in this struggle because their future looks bleak.


Centaur Resort Srinagar is owned by Resort Company of India (HCI), which is a Government of India Public Sector Corporation (PSU) under the management of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. J&Ok authorities allege that the Resort Company of India (HCI) violated the lease settlement cases by allowing a third to band together to take over management of the resort for more than 10 years again. Centaur Resort Srinagar was built in the early 80's near Dal Srinagar Lake. It was a tripartite partnership between J & Ok Authorities and Resort Company of India. The Jammu and Kashmir authorities under Treasury Order No. 237 of 25.06.1979 leased government land of 13 acres (104 canals) located near Kaputar Khanh Boulevard Srinagar to the Resort Company of India. This was adopted by order of the Quantitative Authorities 118 of 1981 dated 17 October 1981. On March 10 , 1982 A proper lease settlement between J & Ok Govt and Resort Company of India (HCI) has been effected.

The development work in the resort started in 1982 and during a number of years 252 rooms were operated in the 5-star resort. The resort commenced operations by the end of 1984. In accordance with the terms and conditions within the lease settlement, tenure rights to build on the land were to be held equally by each event.

    Rent Settlement Violation, LG Law

    Jammu and Kashmir authorities allege that the Resort Company of India (HCI) has violated the Lease Settlement and J&L Land Grant Act Ok, 1960 By allowing the buildings of the third to meet without approval from the authorities. To some extent it is true, HCI attempted to offer a management contract to Mumbai-based DB Realty in 2010. However, throughout that point the employees resisted this transfer and even went to the courtroom. The announced settlement was subsequently cancelled. This writer had an in-depth interview with Ghulam Haider, a prominent member of the Centaur staff affiliation. He stated that the focus was on the employees for not doing anything wrong. The Mumbai-based DB Realty has been signed as HCI is supposed to ensure the top management of the resort and carry out some repairs and renovations to make the property more attractive. We resort employees raised our voices toward the announced management contract because we realized that our jobs were not secure once a personal company took over the resort's operations. We even moved into the excessive courtroom and reported the then state authorities. HCI in 2011 terminated the contract. Centaur Resort Srinagar had an income of Rs 2.50 crore as monthly income and out of Rs 17,000, the resort management paid an electric power bill. Now this feels like a historical past,” stated Ghulam Haider, a senior staff member of the resort.

    Take over Centaur Resort

      at 25 April 2022, authorities served the discovery to the Resort Company of India (HCI), Centaur Resort Srinagar. In response to the discovery, J & Ok Authorities have accused the Resort Company of India of violating rent settlement cases by subletting the resort to a third meeting together.It is appropriate to say that in accordance with Treasury Resolution No. 237 of 25.06.1979, the then state authorities under Government Order No. 118 of 1981 dated 17.10.1981 leased the 13-acre plot of land to the Indian Resort Pvt Ltd for a period of 99 years and accordingly the lease settlement was carried out on 10.03.1982. The terms and positions within the settlement stipulated that the tenure rights to build on the land should be equal through events, The use of this is determined by the events through mutual undertakings and it is additionally agreed that for cases not covered by n prior to settlement J & Ok State legal guidelines will apply. When the authorities seized the Centaur Resort on June 14 after a current trigger service, discovered in April, it was completely closed and evacuated All employees forcibly because they filed an incoming protest in the resort premises. The choice of authorities not only made the way forward for the 160 employees darkened, but even their families had to bear the brunt of this decision.

      The authorities should first consider the rehabilitation of these employees before making any proposal. Is this the function of the welfare state?

      The order to close the Centaur Resort was issued by the citizen of Tehsildar (Government Magistrate). The request reads as follows:

      “It is hereby understood that the Centaur Lake View Resort in Srinagar has been closed for the present day on the 14th of June , 2022, Below Public Buildings J-Ok (Unauthorized Occupant Eviction Act, 1988) accepted by me under my seal and signature.” Because of this fact, no one is allowed to enter the main gate until additional orders are taken in any other case action is taken less strict than prevailing legislation”

      as of June 14 Onwards, employees of Centaur Resort Srinagar have been protesting intermittently.They have held a number of demonstrations in the press pocket of Srinagar but the authorities seem not to care about their future.

      Authorized Battle

        When the authorities took over the management of Centaur Resort Srinagar, the Resort Company of India (HCI) petitioned earlier than the chamber of the Supreme Court of India.The petitioning organization stated in its previous petition to the High Committee that HCI It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the central authorities under the implementation management Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA). The Resort Company of India's attorney has stated that J&Ok authorities have terminated a 99-year lease of their resort without giving a current stimulating discovery. The petition reads:

        “State authorities have begun the eviction path and this proposal will lead to resort staff doing their jobs on the shores of Dal Lake. . The state authorities have started eviction procedures. This could shut down the resort with 250 rooms and the same variety of staff”

        Prior to moving the petition into the Supreme Court chamber, HCI had filed an in-room lawsuit Excessive Court of Jammu and Kashmir who adjudicated the petition saying that the Resort Company of India may direct the District Judge of Peace Srinagar District (Appeal Authority) towards the request of the state authorities.Intimately, the Magistrate District Judge is the appellate authority under the J & Ok Land Grants Act of 1960 HCI moved to the Supreme Court when the Srinagar Peace District judge did not reduce them The High Court referred the case to J & Ok Excessive Courtroom Over the past few months the excessive courtroom has included the case on a number of occasions and now the matter is booked which may be submitted in October.


          Personally, I am unable to see why the authorities have raised the difficulty of settling the Centaur resort lease after 12 years Even because the announced settlement was canceled back in 2011 when the employee protested Wen themselves on matching and even went to the courtroom excessively. On the one hand, the government needs to advertise tourism in Jammu and Kashmir and the resort whose income was Rs 2.50 crore per 30 days has been shut down. Meals are provided from outside for a few officers of the central authorities departments who are entirely stationed in this resort and the government seems less bothered about the way forward for the 160 employees and their families. The Centaur Resort in Srinagar was not only an income for itself, but the salaries of several employees of the Centaur Elements in Delhi would also get help from Srinagar. The facility division will get income of Rs 17,000 for every 30 days and this has also stopped now. This summer season we have seen a huge rush of vacationers in Kashmir and in three months Centaur Resort Srinagar would have achieved d Big vinegar, bigger than it already was.

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