The FMSCI Nationwide Racing Championship 2022 will kick off in Coimbatore

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September 18, 2022 15:01 IST

Coimbatore ( Tamil Nadu) [India], Sept. 18 (ANI): A sunny climate with a touch of wind welcomed drivers and riders on the opening day of the FMSCI Nationwide Racing Championship 2022 Spherical 1 at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. Some great performances by people across the LGB System 4, Novice Cup and Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup celebrated the first day of the inaugural football season.
The day started with engines roaring during the first race of 2022, however, the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup was quickly embraced by a few screen stumbles. With that said, it was Thrissur-lad Allwin Xavier, who had a clear lead over defending champion Anish Damodara Shetty of Hubli in the final laps. Of the 10 rounds, Anish was the most important, until Alwyn zoomed in on the penultimate lap to knock out the winner.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup this time launched the Professional-Am Collection format with 10 skilled racers and 15 novices competing collectively on the same network. Soorya-lad in Chennai arrived here as a shocker to complete a Total III, even though he is a junior class. Within the Pro category, Allwin and Anish were adopted by Joseph Matthews as the second runner-up; While in the junior category, Soorya PM from Chennai was adopted by Naresh Kaname from Latur, and Varun Gowda from Mysore, in second and third places, respectively. For glory style. After a neck and neck fight, Chennai's Kyle Comaran emerged as the champion, adopted by DTS Racing's Joel Joseph and MSport's Dhruvh Goswami, for second and third, respectively. The podium in the final Aadithya Parasuram was following Kyle Kumaran intently in second place but was misplaced by the wheel spin with only a few laps left. Cities especially Patiala, Nellore, Dehradun, Panchkula, Kotiyam, Vadodara, are fighting for the highest glory. Crew Darkish Don has been all the way up to the top of the main positions. After a solid gift by top contender, it was Kolkata lad Arya Singh of Darkish Don Racing, who delivered the final laugh. He was adopted by his teammates Tegil Rao from Bangalore in second and Ashwin Datta from Chennai in third, respectively. Ahura Racing's Amir Syed is here with a little want to get to the podium. At the same time, Ruhaan Alva of MSport, the defending Junior Cup champion, who upgraded to LGB System 4 this year, gave strong efficiency as he completed among several Prime 7.
Race 2 of the Royal noted by Enfield Continental GT Cup that Anish D Shetty reclaimed top spot as Allwin Xavier in Race 1 just crashed back off Anish's bike and slid across the screen, halfway into the race. Joseph Matthews correctly defended the second runner-up in Race 2, with Ullas S Nanda finishing first, within the skill class. Within the Novice class, Soorya PM defended his place from Race 1 and was endorsed by Varun Gowda in second, and Raj Kumar in third, respectively. On the day he defended his place in the second race of the Junior Cup. He came second in the second race of DTS Racing's Vineet Kumar, while Aadithya Parasuram of Hasten Efficiency, who missed his spot in the first race, finished in third. FMSCI Nationwide Racing Championship – 2022.
With two LGB System 4 races and a Junior Cup, a Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup and a 60-minute endurance race from JK Tire presents the Endurance League, day two of Spherical 1 gets even more exciting. . (Ani)

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