The Ministry of Railways draws up plans for the improvement of Indian railway stations

New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways has developed various schemes viz. Mannequin, Modern and Adarsh ​​station scheme for upgrading/beautifying stations on Indian Railways. Currently, the railway stations are being upgraded/beautified under the scheme of 'Adarsh' station based on the recognized desire to offer higher improved passenger facilities at the stations, Minister of Railways, Shri Ashwini Vaishnau, responded to an inquiry in the Rajya Sabha at present.

Under the scheme of the “Adarsh” station, 1253 stations have been identified for improvement, of which 1215 have been developed so far and the remaining stations are focused on development under the scheme of the Adarsh ​​station by cash 12 month 2022-23. In addition to the above, a completely new scheme for the “Major Upgrade of Railway Stations” was recently launched. To date, 52 upgrade stations have been identified under this scheme.

Expenditure on beautification/upgrade of stations below the Adarsh ​​station scheme is usually funded under Plan Head -53 'Buyer Facilities'. Throughout the 12 months Cash 2021-22, an amount of Rs 2,344.55 crore has been allotted under Plan Head-53, and during the current 12-month Cash 2022-23, an amount of Rs 2,700 crore has been allocated under Plan Head-53.

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