The mournful inhabitants under Tambaram, declared that it was higher when panchayat

Chennai: Residents of villages under Tambaram Corporation are usually not proud of the work done by the management of the new corporation and have stated that the whole lot was completed higher when their villages were under the management of the municipality and panchayats. And Chitlapakkam, Madambakkam, Perungalathur, Peerkankaranai and panchayats in Thiruneermalai city, the residents who celebrated the last declaration for 12 months are actually in a state of frustration and say that the whole group was higher once they were under the management of the panchayats.

Tambaram is made up of more than 10 people and has been divided into 5 zones with each zone having 14 suites. Residents had hoped that after turning into a company, they would have higher roads, that road lights and proper water and litter services could be collected properly and the field could be clean and clear. Now, even after 12 months have passed, residents have stated that there have been no amendments to their area. Residents stated that they may not discover any improvements after switching to a company and there is only an increase in taxes and there is usually not even a small percentage of improvements.

Chromepet's Dinesh said, “We welcomed the announcement of the turnaround on the grounds that we'd get higher services like the city, but here's where the tax earned multiplied and the services turned out for the worse.” The residents added that once they wanted to change the names of the property tax, it was done at no cost now because the villages come under the company, the officers charge up to Rs. 20,000 to change the address alone. We are aware that there can be a rise in the whole group after we come to the bottom of the company but at the same time we should be provided with higher facilities, as the residents mentioned.

Residents mentioned Hygiene Conditions in Tambaram worsened and were higher when under municipality and panchayats. They stated that garbage is collected properly and that many streets are littered with rubbish. Tambaram Market has grown worse with the stench forcing pedestrians to cover their noses. a company. He stated that within the next few years all districts in Tambaram could have an integrated water system, drainage and rainwater drainage. He added that infrastructure growth would take some time and emphasized that much of the expected civil infrastructure work was underway. Tambaram can have better facilities in the coming years, the commissioner has shown confidence.

The villagers mentioned that the opposite downside of Tambaram is the dangerous roads. Many roads are in poor condition and now with the monsoon approaching the driver traveling on the roads at the pick up ends. We have now asked company officers to take steps to fix the roads but there was no proper response from them.

Upon calling, Tambaram MLA SR Raja mentioned that it would take some time to switch. The federal government will be appointing commissioners and assistant engineers for each region and we expect to announce inside each week. Later the infrastructure can be improved and over the next few months Tambaram will expand when it comes to growth and the general public can witness the developments within days back.

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