The mysterious presence of NaMo TV: do you want to announce the total sales or the Indian information channel?

A brand new channel NaMo TV which aired at the beginning of last week as a free channel has already sparked quite a few curiosities and a bit of intense scrutiny. The channel which broadcasts Narendra Modi's rallies and speeches does not fall into the non-public satellite TV checklist that is licensed for computer television channels within the country and the details of its possession remain covered in excitement.

NaMo TV went live on March 26th on major DTH suppliers – Videocon, Tata Sky and DishTV. 5 days after its launch on the aforementioned DTH suppliers, the official deal with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Occasion (BJP) tweeted about the launch and said, “Take on the colors of the elections…Watch the dance of democracy…Say NaMo again with NaMo TV. Listen for protection.” Prime Minister Modi's election campaign real-time and more amazing content material.”

The tweet was submitted that the channel was on 5 DTH companies.

The channel has Narendra Modi's picture on its logo with NaMo TV written underneath. Up to this point, NaMo TV has broadcast old rallies of PM Modi, his latest gathering in Arunachal Pradesh and additionally proven a movie on Subhash Chandra Bose titled Bose: The Forgotten Hero. The channel also has a static tape with traces of Modi's speeches scrolling over the display. Finance and corporate affairs talk about the BJP's achievements. The channel also broadcasts advertisements between broadcasts and rallies. All ads are related to BJP along with the latest commercial on “Fundamental Bhi Chowkidar”.

Shot From NaMo TV as of April 4, 2019 showing Arun Jaitley

BOOM checked the website of the Ministry of Data and Broadcasting (I&B) which It lists the “allowed non-public satellite channels for PC TV channels” on their website. This complete checklist allows customers to test details such as company address, company dealings, permission validity and the category under which the channel is registered.

Searching for 'NaMo TV', 'Narendra Modi TV', 'NaMo' does not provide any details of said channel.

Screenshot of the web page of the Ministry of Data and Broadcasting showing the non-public provisions permitted for computer channels satellite TV

The website contains a checklist of all allowed satellite channels out for PC channels as of March 31, 2019.

) BOOM wrote to Amit Katoch, Director of Broadcasting Wing, Department of I&B looking for details about NaMo TV but was only able to obtain to reply.

NaMo TV is currently free-to-air on DTH carriers which means subscribers don't need to pay to watch the channel.


NaMo TV which does not appear in the checklist of licensed TV channels, has caused confusion among DTH service providers. NaMo TV is currently broadcasting on three channels of each DTH service provider.

On Tata Sky, the channel numbers are 512, 324 and 145. On DishTV, NaMo TV is broadcast on channel numbers 111, 354, 770 and on Videocon, NaMo TV is broadcast on the amount Channel 102, 202, 302.

BOOM discovered that on Tata SKY, the channel quantity 512 which is now NaMo TV was formerly known as “Content material TV”. BOOM contacted a Tata Sky spokesperson regarding the change of title who said, “It was former NaMo TV. Only the title has been modified. However, we don't know why.”

When asked what they are Nature of Channel – Whether or not it is an information channel, entertainment channel or media sales channel, a company spokesperson responded, “Tata Sky has its own personal channel for advertising gross sales. We cannot have any advertising gross sales channel other than this in line with insurance policies and advice. Our own.”

This response corresponds to a tweet from Tata Sky’s official Twitter deal with a question from a consumer who asked, “I simply wanted to know what this launched channel means.” New number 512?” This Tata Sky responded, “Channel 512 is NAMO TV, an Indian information service that provides the latest breaking information on National Policy ^ Rudra”

On most DTH providers, the channel looks under the “entertainment part”. In fact, on Tata Sky, the three channels – 512, 324 and 145 appear in three completely different sections. Information Hindi, Films Hindi, and Leisure Hindi.

The channel does not appear to be under the Hindi-Entertainment part on Tata Sky

Surprisingly, in an account for NDTV, Harit Nagpal, CEO of Tata Sky, contradicted his personal platform tweet, calling it with “error”. Nagpal told NDTV, “NaMo TV will not be an Indian information service. If someone inside the Tata Sky frontline tweets or mentions that it is an information service, that is wrong.” NaMo TV does not fall into any pattern “The bottom line” comes from the BJP across the web. Certain companies do not want a license.

BOOM also contacted DishTV whose response was inconsistent with that of Tata Sky. A DishTV spokesperson stated, “The channel is a total sales service of advertising implying that it is not registered as entertainment or information on our service. They are registered as a channel that shows ads or total sales companies. But it is only to get a refund.

How licensed is NaMo TV?

After the broadcast of the channel, Congress and the occasion of Adami's year filed complaints with the Election Fee (EC) allegation that NaMo TV is violating the Model's Code of Conduct. In turn, the European Commission wrote to the I&B Ministry seeking a response regarding the channel's broadcasting near the Lok Sabha elections. 10.

BOOM also contacted Abhinav Shrivastava, Adviser to LawNK, a Regulatory Agency based in Bangalore to find out how the channel is licensed and content is regulated. Shrivastava set out the position of the Ministry of Data and Broadcasting in broadcasting channels and distinguishing between 'information channel' and the joint entertainment channel.

“When a channel applies for linking permission it must specify whether or not it intends to be an information channel or a primary entertainment channel. If it is an information channel, it must adhere to a minimum of Excessive web value requirements and to be approved by the press release bureau. The other group is all a basic entertainment channel,” Shrivastava defines.

A report in India currently says I&B has EC knowledge that “NaMo TV will not be a channel licensed however it is a direct-to-home commercial platform”. No official statement was issued by the European Commission regarding the channel.

Apparently, in 2012, when Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, a channel called NaMo Gujarat started broadcasting for viewers. According to media experiences, the channel was broadcast for the first time in October 2012, two months before the Gujarat state assembly elections.

A report in Enterprise Customary says the channel was broadcast by “a company known as New Hope Infotainment Listed in 2012” promoted by Sujay Mehta of Gujarat.

A search for New Hope Infotainment yields no results on the I&B website. There are no details of NaMo TV that was broadcast in 2012.

While some experiences say that the channel was known as NaMo TV, while others call the channel NaMo Gujarat TV . Channel 2012 aired content identical to existing NaMo TV content, led by Modi's speeches in Gujarat and the achievements of Modi authorities in Gujarat.

An account revealed by NDTV in 2012, describes the then NaMo TV channel as “BJP-funded”. The story also quoted then BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya as saying, “Modi’s opponents launched a wrong marketing campaign to bring him down, so we felt the necessity of having a channel that gambles reality – giving voice to BJP staff and highlighting the tremendous work that the prime minister has done for his homeland.”

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