The number of admissions to the intensive care unit among Covid-19 patients in the capital increased

The identification of Covid patients, admitted to the intensive care unit, jumped sharply from less than one percent in July to 9.50 percent in August. However, civil officials specified that these patients were not handed over to hospitals solely because of Covid. Alternatively, they were casually admitted meaning they had been hospitalized as a result of another illness, however, they switched to constructive Covid during routine RT-PCR screening.

In response to the BMC dashboard, there were 1,494 ICU beds there as of August 1, dropping to 1,352 by August 31. At the moment, there are only seven patients with vital problems. .2.75, civilian officials also specified that even people had put out a wind warning after the restrictions were eased. “With the Covid protocols removed, people have hidden their guards, making them more vulnerable to the circulating sub-variable,” said BMC Government Welfare Officer Dr Mangala Gomari. An official from the Civil Welfare Department stated that the diversity of ICU patients will improve as there has been a significant increase day by day in Covid cases across the city. We will likely see a further rise in numbers as cases increase. At the moment, all cases of accidental hospitalization are linked to Covid. No one has been admitted to the intensive care unit for Covid. The official stated that many of the injured are elderly, but there are some patients under the age of 40. Patients admitted to the hospital were examined constructively during the necessary RT-PCR examination performed prior to the surgical procedure. In any other case, cases of Covid are increasing but are sensitive and require symptomatic treatment in home isolation. Most have an exacerbation of a problem related to their comorbidity. All of them are from the combined age group. However, none of them are on oxygen assistance or a ventilator.”

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