The pipeline explosion affects the water it provides to the residents of Kamoth | Mumbai information

Water supply to more than two residents of Lak in Cammouth, Navi Mumbai, has been reduced after an 800mm pipeline from Morbi Dam providing more than 37ml of water to the node exploded on Tuesday.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) pipeline has exploded at the intersection next to the Kalambuli Marble Market, cutting off the water supplying the node.

Although Camoth falls under CIDCO, daily water requirements are provided by the NMMC. The pipeline exploded at 8.30 am. According to messages distributed by CIDCO to customers, water was scheduled to be re-supplied at night. To approximately 2.30 thousand residents in 24 sectors.

“It appears that the sudden improvement in water stress supplied by Morbe led to a burst in the pipeline. A CIDCO official stated that NMMC took over the restoration work immediately and the problem was resolved at night. It is already provided in community tanks. In some locations, water tankers have been referred to as,” stated Ranjana Sadolikar, a resident of Sector 34.

Water provision has been stopped to allow NMMC to carry out repair work. Towards the creek side of the Sion Panvel Expressway, water could be seen gushing out over 30 fingers excessively. The NMMC officers were aware that availability from the treatment plant was turned off within a quarter of an hour after the pipeline burst to avoid additional water wastage.

“The pipeline valve attributed to it has been shifted to additional stress. Water supply to Cammouth was affected during the day. NMMC official said.

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