The priest's son has been booked for filming in police custody

The NRI Coast Police has taken into custody the son of Reverend Rajkumar Yesudasan, who has been arrested for allegedly filming a video of the detention and police station without permission. The police seized the mobile and issued a find to his son.

Rabin Rajkumar served Lisudasan meals at the police station and began recording the reservation, police said. In line with the police, at 10:20 p.m., Rabin approached the prison under the pretext of serving meals and began to approach the accused, Yesudasan inside the prison. Police officers discovered his behavior suspicious. “We checked him and found that he was recording a confinement video,” said Ravindra Patel, chief police inspector from the NRI Coast Police Station. On Rabin's cell phone, he found that he had also registered different areas of the police station. “We have confiscated his cell phone for further investigation and a case has been registered against him,” Patel said. Rabin was booked under Part 3 of the Official Secret Act, 1923, for approaching a prohibited place and Part 120 of the Maharashtra Police Act. In August after complaints registered by the Second Division Girls and Child Care in Thane County. It is alleged that Yesudasan was concerned about the sexual abuse of underage women who were given shelter in the Seawoods Church. So far, 4 circumstances towards Yesudasan have been registered for IPC sections relating to sexual harassment and under sections of the POCSO Act.

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