The SUV of Jharkhand Metro Development Company was stolen from Patna

Raj Kumar

Ranchi, September 21: Dharmesh Enterprises, based in Jharkhand, developing metro rail in the state capital of Bihar, faces a flaw Stealing. Company director Prabhakar, who could also be Jharkhand Andolankari, is familiar with saying on the last night, an SUV parked outside of a company visitor was stolen below the space of the Agamkuan Police Station and FIR was under the registration strategy on this contact.

Prabhakar added that the SUVs were offered by his workers who parked the car at night around 8pm and when he woke up early in the morning at 4.30am, he found out that they were lacking.

“Our company operates from zero mile to the floor-grade interstate bus station to pedestal cover, pier and column. We are allegedly doing all work within 3.2km. Delhi Metro Rail we operate under, asked us to finish Working to make sure the metro is up and running by next December 12 months. We are intent on doing so, but this kind of theft bothers us as our focus will be shifted.. It is likely to be owned and operated by the state-run Patna Metro Rail Company and is expected to It is to be operated on two lanes by 2025. It is being built under PPP mode and is valued at Rs. 13,365.77 crore.

This value does not include the value of the land holding, which has to be borne by the Bihar authorities. Primary: East and West Hall (Danapur-Mithapur-Khemni Chak) and North and South Hall (Patna Railway Station to NEW IBST) will include a 23.30 km high screen and a 16.30 km underground monitor.

Jan 2022, L&T has been awarded the order by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for the design and development of Hall 2 of the G. Part 1 of Patna MRTS.

L&T classifies this contract value? 1,989 crore as main order. The main scope of work for the project has six underground metro stations i.e. Rajendra Nagar, Moin Haq Stadium, PMCH College, Gandhi Maidan and Akashvani from Hall-2.

YFC – MCL JV will design and assemble the elevated bridge and ramp at Mithapore, Patliputra and 7 stations in Hall 1 at a price of Rs 553 crore.

A police official at Agamkwan Police Station stated that an investigation had begun within his case. The police official stated that CCTV footage is being verified and motion can be captured quickly in the matter.

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